Friday, July 10, 2015

More newsy news

Good morning! I am sorry that I have not posted but nothing has been going on....except....

The kid continues to work out in Jersey with the pros. This past month, he has worked next to professional hockey players who also have hip issues and a professional football player whom he claims is massive and a rock. he then stated that he would be knocked into Canada if he was ever hit by this guy. In other words, baseball was an excellent choice for him.

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The trainers have targeted August 1st for his trip to Seattle. Therefore, all eyes are on the next phase of his journey.

Yesterday, he spoke with some of the guys who were playing in independent baseball leagues. These leagues are not associated with any professional team but are monitored closely by them. Further, they suggested that he plays in the fall and winter in another country.  Can anyone say "ca-ching? $$$?"

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Here is the best part of this journey.....he is to avoid playing in certain countries because the locals kidnap the baseball players and hold them for ransom. It is nothing that is publicized in this country but done on a regular basis. I chose to let that one run through my ears, into the brain, and down my spinal cord for a shiver. I needed a shot of either vodka or Valium after that comment....Can anyone say: "leave the coins under the cushions until he gets home?" I would have to hire Liam Neesan for this one......oye!

This is quite an adventure for him and us as a family. I am not sure what will happen next but I promise not to let a long time go again until I post updates.

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