Friday, June 26, 2015

Looking for some electricity

Good morning and greetings from Starbucks. It is day 3 without power and I am starting to lose my cool, calm demeanor. I had to throw out the food in the two refrigerators (a first world complaints, but sadness as to how much food was wasted). Thinking the power would return, I thought the freezer's food was safe. Guess what I found on the floor yesterday afternoon? Yep, the ice melted with the ice cream and seeped through the door and onto the floor. Clean up on Aisle 5!

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Nights have been toasty without air conditioning. However, I am not complaining. This is not a horrible problem. True, it is warm, yet, I have decided that I am camping inside the house. So, no complaints. I have had family and friends offer me a shower (is that a hint?) and a bedroom, but I am gutting it out.

Yet, I do miss a few things such as warm showers....


The ability to see in my closet after 6 pm.....

A cold glass of water.....

A peaceful night's sleep....huh? Yep, my neighbor has an industrial size generator that sounds like a loud lawnmower....VRROOOOMMMMM....all day...all night......24/7.....Plus he is not home! He is at the shore!!!!

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That's it.

I do not miss television at all. This was somewhat shocking. I do miss the news but I can catch up during my Starbucks wifi sessions. I guess I could also go to panera since they have free wifi.

There are other problems here. Trees were blown over and roads are blocked. The tree surgeons and landscapers cannot get to all of them. With the road closures and power outages, it has been a challenge to run errands since the traffic crawls.

And so, that is my big deal....just three plus days without power and I am hoping that some Good Samaritan finds a PECO truck technician, flips him a $20.00 on my behalf and points him to my neighborhood.

 My composure is beginning to melt.....


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