Thursday, June 4, 2015

Stopping to recover

Oh my. It is raining in the south and I cannot take my usual morning bike ride to the beach. Whoa is me. Does anyone feel badly for me? No? Nor do I. I feel blessed being out of the deluge of rain in the northeast, so I have nothing....and I do mean complain about....

Although, I have spent the last four days with the big lefty. After his trip to Tampa, he flew here and has discovered the sofa. Yep. He is finally out of his bedroom and has discovered that the sofa is more comfortable than his bed. Why is this important to this post......

Image result for lying on  sofa gif a parent, I have been concerned with the number of hours that he has been sleeping. I have no idea when he goes to bed, but know that he does not emerge until noon-ish.....then I got it.....

He has been training non stop for years and years. Since his surgery, he has had to slow down to heal. On Sunday night, he complained about his entire body hurting, then he began to crack his back, ribs, neck, and other bones. I was totally grossed out, but I realized that his complaint about the training is not out of line. His body is out of line from the training.

Image result for athlete sore body gif

As he sat on the sofa and laid in bed, he began to complain less about his ailments and was more conversational. I believe that he needed this time in the south to recover from the emotional and physical turmoil of the last five years. Last night was the first night that he felt awake, alert, and almost pain free. I guess that sleep is therapeutic for what ails a person and should not be minimized as a natural remedy.

Image result for athlete sore body gif

And so, as he begins to feel better, we are planning to ship him off to Seattle to continue his training. It looks like mid July from his recuperation timeline. Now all he needs is to line it up, find a place to live, rent a cheap car, and fly to his next destination in life.

I admire him and his commitment to making it. He has the drive that I never had and will only stop when he says that it is time to stop.

In the meantime, I have not seen him write any more of his book. It seems that Tonto is worried that they will be sued for writing about the team, university, and coaches. My guess is that if the book is picked up, the publishers will take care of waivers. Apparently, if there are enough witnesses who will attest that these events actually happened, then they are in the clear, so to speak....the back lash from the university and coaches may be troublesome, but they don't care. Their bodies, especially Tonto's, have been ruined. Unless Tonto has shoulder surgery, he will never be able to play catch with his children. That, my friends, speaks volumes.

And now, the sun is shining, and I can grab the bike and head out to parts unknown.....


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