Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crunch goes the car

Greetings and happy Saturday! This has been quite a week and I am excited about the weekend. Why?
'Cause I have nothing planned at this moment except to hit the Y for some Zumba.

With that said, I have not seen the big lefty since Thursday. He has either been working out or working out. He gets out of bed after I leave the houses and comes back when I am asleep. This is the reason, my friends, why I hit his car last Sunday.

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That's right. I had an accident in my own driveway. As I pulled out of the garage, I waved at the pups and Tink then went 'boom', 'crash' and 'crumple.' I had backed into the big guy's ten year old Cadillac that he has been driving. Yep, it was my fault. Yep, I am a dope. Yep, the damage is roughly $1200.00 for his car and all I had were two small scratches.

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Stupid, right?

Not paying attention, right?

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Not a good example for my children, right?

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Actually, this was a good thing that happened. Sure, it cost me a small fortune but here is what we learned.....

My car has not been insured since October of last year.

How does that happened? Uh, will anyone believe that it is not my fault?

You see......

We have two cars of the same model and year. The insurance company insured the one car but not the other (mine). Therefore, if anything had happened over the past 6+ months, it would possibly have been catastrophic. I would have needed more than the change under my sofa cushions to pay for that problem.

After waiting for three days and the car being stuck in the garage, I got the message that it was finally insured. a weird and somewhat perverse way, it was a great thing that I had an accident in my own driveway.

On to other things....the first week of the body realignment is over and there have been a  number of positive things that have happened such as the kid's sternum no longer cracks when he moves. Gross, right? For party games, he would crack it and make me cringe. In a perfect world, a 23 year old athlete's sternum should not move.

Now, it does not after one week of proper training and realignment. Cool, huh?

Also, I have had two phone calls this week asking me for the kid's insurance information. Apparently, IBX wants the university medical insurance number and they are calling me. Has anyone heard of HIPAA? With that said, I told the woman on the phone that I did not know the university's phone number and that she should 'google' it.

Her reply to me was (in a very sarcastic way) "I am NOT going to google the phone number."

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Then, honey, you are going to have to touch base with the person who has it and not his mother. Just sayin'. By the way, good luck getting in touch with him because his voice mail box has been full for a year.

Dad has not heard from the university as far as the surgery claim and is now moving up the chain of command to the Athletic Director. That's right. he's going in and he's not leaving until he gets a check to cover the surgery from an injury caused by their trainers. Further, the doctors had misdiagnosed it.

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This is the third time that the doctors have misdiagnosed the big kid. For those who remember, he was misdiagnosed with his shoulder (a training injury), and his mono which he had to be admitted to the hospital at home with epiglottis, and now his sports hernia (caused by their training methods).  We have the documentation and are ready for action. Stay tuned. It might get uglier.

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And now, it is time for me to shake my hips in an attempt to slim them down an inch or five.

Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. I did that one time. I didn't hit another car in the driveway. There was a trash can that was sitting more toward the driveway than it usually was, and I backed right into it by not paying attention. Fortunately, there wasn't a lot of damage from the incident, and I was able to get it taken care of without paying a lot of money.

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta