Thursday, June 11, 2015

Preparing for Seattle

Oops....If I say that I have not posted because I have been busy, would you believe me? No? Yes?

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OK, I have had a few down moments, but nothing to write until today. Soooooo, here we go....

First, Happy birthday to Big M who is the toughest guy that I know as he battled the foes on the gridiron and now the big bad cancer cells that have invaded his body. I am looking forward to seeing him today to share a DQ Dilly Bar or some birthday cake. Yeah, I know....I don't need either, but it is a national holiday-it's Big M's birthday!

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Another shout out to BP Grandmom who needed some medical attention on Tuesday. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the diagnosis is vertigo. She had a cat scan of the head which was 'negative'. This is something that we have chuckled over. BP Grandpop is now the Florence Nightingale of the household. I wonder if he can create a four cornered sheet on the bed? Shall I try to drop a quarter on it? It had better bounce!

On to the extremely big guy who came back from the south with me over the weekend ten pounds heavier. Ooops, when a person does not work out 6 hours a day and eats the same amount of food, the pounds can creep up on you. I should know as the pounds creep up and can then bite a person in the butt....if you know what I mean.

Anyway, he went to Jersey with his pal, Righty to have his body realigned. These guys work with professional athletes, especially hockey players. As he was examined by the experts, they concurred that his college training damaged his body, albeit not permanently. This was good news.

The better news was that they will work with him five days a week for four weeks for $89.00.

Huh? Does this mean $89.00 a day? Sheesh!

Nope. This price tag covers all five days a week for four weeks. Did he have a coupon? What's the deal? Is this training on the clearance rack? Really? Are they mad scientists? Why the low invoices? Don't they know that I have a stash of change under my sofa cushions?

The answer will surprise you. They responded that the low price tag was to build their new business. And lo and behold, I am super pumped that he got in on the ground floor. They also told him that he is never and I repeat 'never' to lift weights for the upper body. Huh? Is this a best practice model? Covered by research? Do we have data on this policy?

We do? Really? We read research and abide by best practice models? Such a novel idea!

After he worked out for two days, his body is looser and is beginning to recover. Yesterday, he was throwing and was gunned. He hit 90 mph. Yep, he has not really pitched in two months and he hit 90!

Excited? Uh, yes.

Last week when he stopped by Tampa to analyze their program, he sat in a chair and was gunned sitting at 80 mph. That's right. He could not use his legs, so he sat in a chair and could hit 80. According to the big lefty, his speed was the third highest among the group of participants and he was sitting. Cool, huh?

All of this has renewed his hope in things to come. After he finishes his Jersey work outs, he will head west to Driveline which is in the Seattle suburbs. From there, he and Righty will work with the experts and hopefully catch someone's eye.

And so, here is where we stand....southeastern Pennsylvania to the mountains to Ohio to Illinois to Texas to Tampa to Seattle...then who knows?

I will end with this thought....I am proud of the big kid who has overcome tough hurdles and focused on his goal. He will succeed no matter what he does. My hope is that he can find something in life that he is passionate about that will excite and motivate him to do his best. Finally, I pray that he is a good and kind man who gives back to his community and  finds contentment in life. This is a mother's prayer.

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