Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Did Diddy do it?

Yikes! I cannot help but say "yikes!' today as I read about Sean "P Diddy Combs" who was arrested yesterday for aggravated assault. He attacked a strength and training (ST) coach at his son's school UCLA. Yikes!

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Here is a link of the activity

This poses a question for all of us who have witnessed the strength and training coaches abuse their athletes.....Are they really abusing them? Or is it our perception that they are abusing them?

If you are a regular reader, you know that the ST coach has all but destroyed my son's body and spirit. He and his posse were devising creative ways to 'pay back' the ST coach's kindness. In other words, he was hated by one and all.

The question that has to be answered is complicated by the fact that we are not there all of the time. We hear what the kids have to say. We listen to their moans and complaints. Then what do we do as parents and friends? Well, the answer is that we want to 'take them down.' But clearer heads have to prevail and we know that this will pass and we are not to involve ourselves with a young adult's life unless he or she cannot handle the pressures or are in danger.

The Czar did chide my kid about his parents flying in to save him whenever there was a problem. Yep, that's me. A helicopter parent who wishes that she had a helicopter on the days when I had to drive to campus to calm my son after his life was threatened or told that the world would be a better place if he slit his wrists and died. Yep, watch my propeller spin.

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Diddy, on the other hand, actually picked up a kettle bell (heavy) and seemed as if he would use it to smash the coach's head. Therefore, the thug was arrested.

My take on it is.......

Yes, would I like to use a kettle bell? Sure, to work on my core. I never thought of it as a weapon. However, this is Diddy's son who has to work through this process. His poppa cannot run to his defense with a kettle bell or hula hoop. This is the athlete's work and not his.

Diddy, you have to chill. Sure, is the ST coach wrong? perhaps...perhaps.....perhaps not....however, you have to let your kid grow up and take care of his troubles. After the strength and training session, you can buy him a life time supply of ibuprofen and Epson salts. Until then, put down the kettle bell unless you are working out.


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