Saturday, May 30, 2015

And the winner is......


Yep, we knew it. I also knew that the big lefty had to go to Tampa to weigh his options. He did not like it and wants to leave before the seminar is over. Thus, he is heading to the west coast to train this summer.....

But, first....a message on my cell phone this morning.....

"My hips are displaced. The right one popped out...."

Now, that sounds like it hurts. On the other hand, don't the hips have to be in the right position to pitch correctly?

 I don't know about you, but I also use my hips to walk, stand, bike, throw a 35 mph fast ball, and play tennis. Other than that, I leave them on the shelf for safe keeping.

Hips out of place? hmmm...gotta smart.....just saying.....Can anyone say 'ouch'?

As far as other news is concerned, the big guy has started to write his book with the help of Tonto. Each day, they plan on writing for two hours and then pulling it together. Perhaps, I will edit it for them....just as long as Sandra Bullock plays me in the big screen Lifetime channel for this story...

Not sure who is going to play the other members of the team and family, but we all agree that Danny DeVito is perfect for the Czar.

Image result for danny devito gif

With that said, I have to run errands, clean out the garage, start a new online course, and do some consulting work for the Department of Education. That's right....dopey me....they contacted me to evaluate a new program. I am kind of honored that they chose me out of a plethora of available candidates. Yet, this means that I have to sit down, read documents, think, and write a report. I can do three out of the four aforementioned skills. Sadly, the brain needs to be d-fibrillated with a defibrilator to get started again. All I have to do is think positively....even more so, I just need to think.

Ok, the thinking has begun. Time to move on....


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