Saturday, May 23, 2015

Looking for a job

Good Memorial Weekend to you! Here's to the valiant men and women who scarified for our country. May God bless them and their families.

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Thank you for your patience. There has not been much going on this past week. The big lefty continues to work out four to five hours a day plus sessions with Yoda. He is thrilled because you can hear an audible whip of his ball and arm. Apparently, this is a good thing. Twaaap!

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He is scheduled for a visit to Tampa next week. Apparently, the owner of the performance enhancing center (not steroids, work outs) wants him to pay up front, take a two day seminar next weekend (comp-ed), and sign up for a month or so of lessons, work outs, and analysis of technique. He is not convinced that Tampa is for him, so is keeping his options open.

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Therefore, he will attend the next weekend seminar and make his decision next Sunday night when he joins dad and me in the south for a day. I can actually read his little ole mind and he is leaning toward Seattle. Although his PT does not know much about Seattle and prefers Tampa; the big kid is ready to do something that has not been fully endorsed by our incredibly wise Yoda. 

And now for the latest news...gossip.....rumor....probably true....

The big lefty's university has been blackballed from recruiting baseball players from our region.

Huh? What does that mean?

Well, the owner of the sporting and training complex has gotten wind of the activities in the mountains and is not pleased. Apparently, he has heard about the Czar's player preference and his inability to read quality performances. He also knows of the two highly sought after high school recruits who signed up for the university and were cut from the team. He also knows that the pitching coach is actually a catcher. Therefore, the team is not allowed to run a showcase in the sporting complex and the owner will not encourage any of his players to attend the school. Further, Yoda has had a thing or two to say and based on the way the big kid continues to come home injured with his body and spirits out of alignment, he has also crossed the school off his list of colleges for his players to attend. In other words, the school will not have access to any of the quality players in our area, which is quite large.

Am I surprised? Nope.

Word gets around. These coaches think that they have the magic beans that will create a competitive team. Yet, as we know from the last two years of posts, he has done nothing more than tank his players. The big lefty is  worried about the boys that he left behind especially Sky High. Here is a kid with unlimited talent whose body is being destroyed by the trainer as his spirits are equally in the dumps.

Oh well. Life is not fair. It never was and never will be. The guys are learning a huge lesson on how to get along with difficult people as well as what to do when your boss hates you. It is something that can be used in the future.

For now, my big kid is focusing on his baseball future and has given himself a year. So, he does what every other college graduate is doing...looking for a the Major a pitcher...and not bat boy.

Have a nice weekend!


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