Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Giving a kidney

Good morning! I have not posted in a while for a number of reasons......lots of strange reasons....

First, Big Sis has been moving and needed help. With Big M battling the big foe, she needed assistance and I wanted to step in to make the move a bit easier for them. So, I have been helping to pack the old house and unpack in the new house.

Also, Big M battles on, so I like to be around him to render support and assistance where it is needed. He has an appointment today with his doctor and needs lots of prayers and good thoughts....sending them right now...

BP Grandpop has been sick too. He has not stopped coughing for over a week and is now in the hospital, He can't talk without coughing. His face gets red and he hacks uncontrollably. BP Grandmom stayed the night in his hospital room. She gets the platinum star for heroics. Next month, they will celebrate their 60 wedding anniversary. This is a feat especially when the divorce rate is so high. They live the definition of devotion.

Lastly, the end of year meetings, graduations, ceremonies, and classes and getting to be a bit more than I want to do. What do I mean? Well, I hit a road block, am not motivated, and need a kick in the butt to keep going. I have a stack of work on the desk that is time sensitive and frankly, I am doing it begrudgingly....also slowly since my mind is elsewhere all the time. Got to get back into the rhythm of working....still not working out much or going to yoga. My rut is so deep that I need a ladder to get out of it. Would a package of Skittles help? I doubt it.

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How is the big lefty? Well, last we heard, he was heading to Tampa. At this point, we are not sure when this will happen since he continues to rehab with Yoda. He stopped at Dr. G's friend for a chiropractic appointment since he needed help with his neck and back. He can be a physical mess at times. Does he really want to continue to beat his body up? Already he limps like a 60 year old man.

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The team ended the season over the weekend with a worse record than last year. I could pinpoint the number of losses that could have been wins with a different line up and pitching staff. Yet, it is not my call, my job, nor inclination to comment on coaching decisions.

And now, where do we stand? As far as I can see....Tampa is next, but something tells me that he wants to work with the guys in Seattle. This will happen after rehab is over and he is strong enough to endure the work outs.

And so, you have it...an update with not much going on except lots of quality time with the master, Yoda. At the age of 81, may he live long and prosper. As the big kid says, he would give a kidney for him to keep going.

Oh boy....never dull....always exciting....needing a vacation in  the worst way!

Got to grade papers.


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