Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moi? An idiot?

Good morning. I am sorry for the lack of posts but with BP grandpop in the hospital, Big M having physical issues, work, naughty puppies, and work......I have been preoccupied. I also would like to apologize to all friends and family that I have not and time has not been my own for a few months. Hopefully, some day....yes, some day.....she writes will calm down....then again...I am realistic enough to know that this will be the norm for some time to come.

On to the big lefty....currently, he is in the city with dad and MJ. He had an appointment with his surgeon to review his progress. Dad went with the big kid to give me an extra hour of sleep which was interrupted by two puppies who needed to go the the bathroom. No worries....getting up early helps me to get started on the day and move toward the accomplishment of a few goals....

Anyway, we will find out if our hero is ready to be discharged and if he can go full throttle on his training. He will fly to Tampa on Friday night to visit with another trainer. Apparently, he is the pitching doctor of the southeast. After he completes his investigation, the decision will be made as to whether he will train for the summer in Tampa or Seattle. Stay tuned....

As the summer heats up so does the battle between dad and the university. That's right. He submitted the surgery bills to the university last week. As expected, a secretary called him to deny his claims. Nice.....she was polite yet firm.

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She does not know dad, does she? 'Cause he is not taking 'no' for an answer. Why? Uh, can anyone spell malpractice? Negligence? Physical harm? Yes? No?

He is now going up the chain of command and has a phone call into the Director of Medicine. I expect the battle will be bloody...lives will be altered forever...but dad will be on the top of the mountain with the American flag in his hand and a check for the surgery.

After today's appointment, dad posed a question to MJ. "Is there any other way to treat this injury?"

MJ replied: "No, surgery was the only way to mend the injury."

This added fuel to the fire as dad plots his next move on the university. He's the paternal version of Patton....looking at the enemy, making plans, strategizing, then going on for the victory. He promises that if they do not respond  in a positive manner to reimburse him, that he will bring in all kinds of evidence of wrong doing in the athletic department especially with the Czar and Psycho and demonstrate his leverage. This should be interesting. I would love to be witness to this battle....yet, I would prefer to stay away and let dad does his work in the only way he knows how. He's still miffed that the Czar called us 'idiots' for going out of the system to take care of the kid's injury. Yet, how else was he going to mend? If, as parents, we found the antidote for a problem, then we are idiots.

Hang tough, folks...the road will continue to be rocky, but I have my money placed on dad to win this battle.

So, from one idiot to possibly many more....I have to get the grades done for my course since another starts in 5 days.

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