Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Summer plans

Good morning! Or is it? Dang puppies who are soon to be dogs got me out of bed as the birds awoke. Speaking of birds, there is a sparrow who has parked itself on my patio. It is trying to break into my house. At first, I thought that it was lost, but after trying for three days to gain entry through the sliding door, I am thinking that I may have another pet moving in. I am not sure what to do except watch and think that it is either very cool or odd. I have not decided yet.

On to the big kid and his plans.

We sat at dinner on Sunday night after the senior day celebration and dad said: "Are you still interested in law school?"


It was that point that I stopped the discussion and said: "I know that you have no intention of going to law school. More school for you? Doubt it. Truth. What do you want to do?"

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'I want to play baseball.'

"That's it?"


"Then do it. Go play baseball."

And there you have it....the master plan....going to play baseball.

Here is where it stands.....he is going to see Yoda on Thursday to get an approval to amp up the workouts.
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On Friday, he will travel to Seattle to speak with the pitching coach....more about him later. Once he decides that he wants to train in Seattle, he heads to New Jersey to work with a professional trainer who will undo what they had done to him in college. In other words, he will have his body realigned and prepared for summer training in Seattle.
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And there we go.....off and running....on to achieve (or not) his goal. This will basically tell the world where he stands in talent.

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Once again, we support him and will allow him to follow his dream. However, after a set period of time, it may be time to take the LSATs. Always keep a plan B in the back pocket.

Off to work....
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