Monday, May 4, 2015

Two posts in one


Hi. I am sorry that I have not posted but with work and Big M in the hospital, my mind is not very clear. Big M continues the big battle. He keeps strong for all of us. He's my hero.
On to the big festivities this weekend. There are 8 seniors graduation. The Czar went on record two weeks ago to claim the reason the team has a losing record and is in a foul mood are the seniors. That's right. Seven of the guys sit on the bench and watch the team implode each game. One of the seniors is a regular starter. I love how he deflects his lack of baseball knowledge onto the seniors. Yep, those snooty, lackluster upperclassmen. Shame!

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After Sunday's game is the senior appreciation ceremony. I cannot wait. Texas's mom refuses to come to the game. She is livid with the Czar and Psycho. Who can blame her? Do I want to go? Nope. I would rather pull weeds in the backyard until my back seizes, go to the emergency room, have an IV placed in my arm, then brought to surgery with no anesthesia...but I cannot do that. I have to support my kid no matter what. This means that I will walk onto the field, stand next to my son as he gives me flowers, smile and wave at the crowd, sniffle a bit, have a few photos taken, shake the Czar's hand, then take my family out to dinner as I throw back a box of Merlot.

Honestly, I would do it again and again. It is Parenting 101. I have to show the big guy and Tink that I have enough dignity to support my family no matter what. In the long run, my son will be fine. In many ways, he has won the battle. How?

Well, last year, the Czar wanted to bounce him off the team. But the lefty was so good that he could not ignore him. Hence, he won several games and has one of the lowest ERAs on the team. This year, he wanted to boot him too....but he strolled into town throwing a hot 91 mph, which the trainer promptly removed, 'cause we all know.....good pitching is not about velocity. Oh, by the way, yesterday the Czar met with the pitchers and explained that pitching is 90% mental.....just sayin'...


 Sorry gang, it has been a busy weekend. So, I was unable to write or finish my Friday post. Yep, life gets into the way of sitting, thinking, typing, and posting. I honestly do not know where the time went.

Shout out to Big Sis and Betty who completed a ten mile run in the city yesterday. Wish that I could join them, but my knees don't allow me to walk up the steps without creaking let alone a distance run. Actually, it is my fault from years of abuse and sprinting while playing singles. It happens....I still have my health....

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On to yesterday....what a beautiful day! Gorgeous. Once we sat in the stands, the weather shifted and the sun went behind the clouds. In the years that I have traveled to that university, I can recall three or four days where the weather was perfect.

We arrived to the field too late for the pre game festivities. The team had the dads come to the field to throw out the first balls. Dad was too late but did not want to do it anyway. He is harboring a big grudge....a three hundred pound grudge....

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I walked to the back of the dug out and said hi to the big kid. He was in a salty mood. Check my text message to you.....Ok, I looked at my phone then cringed.....

Before we had arrived at the stadium, the jumbo tron ran a video with the seniors talking about their experiences. Each senior had been interviewed during the week. There were two seniors missing from the video.....Texas and guess who? Was he hot at the snub? Is the Pope Catholic? Do bears live in the woods? Am I losing my hair and mind over this baseball stuff?

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Between each inning, the scoreboard ran videos of each senior, their interviews, and highlights. It was nice. Very nice. Only one senior thanked the coaching staff. He was the manager who wanted a job the following year. Transparent......The rest of the guys thanked their team mates  and parents.

 The game was won by the home team despite multiple errors and pitching faux pas. I could see how despondent the big lefty was.....he wanted to be out there dicing and carving the plate. Soon...very soon.....

Now it is time for senior day. We were called to the field and lined up. Our family was to walk out after the manager's family. We were sent to the dugout and walked out to the middle of the field as the announcer recalled the big kid's stats and accomplishments which were impressive. As we walked to our spot, the Czar walked up to us to shake our hands and hug the is where it happened.....the moment I have been I have to make nice even though I wanted to say something nasty....I didn't it. It wouldn't be right. You don't handle people like that. It is not the correct way to live.

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And so.....I shook his hand, looked him in the eye, and did not smile. He tried to hug Tink who recoiled.

Then he went to dad who REFUSED to shake his hand. The guys on the team who were in front of us were thrilled. Sky High said that dad is his hero. It was a moment in which the Czar was snubbed in front of a large audience. He was not pleased. Not at all.

After the ceremony, which was nice, we headed to dinner, which was nicer. The kid was still in a foul mood, but he will be fine (more later on summer plans). He mentioned that he was out with the guys on Saturday night and Psycho text messaged the frosh pitcher who he demoted 44 times. That's right....44 times.....He was rude, belligerent, complimentary, and mean. The big lefty read some of the texts and the guys all agreed that the pitching coach may have been drunk and had no idea what he was doing. The frosh is keeping the texts in his phone should he need them at a later date.

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What a weird and wacky season.....I honestly am trying to figure out why the Czar hated my kid so much...and then again, I don't care.

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My son survived and thrived despite this man's hostile proclivities. With the season continuing, the team goes on a long road trip. The Czar decided rather than bringing Texas, he would bring the guy who is on the DL. Yep, rather than take a healthy guy, he chooses to bring a pitcher who cannot throw. Needless to say, neither guy was happy.

When I post again, I will share the summer news and how the kid's time on the mound is not over...not at fact, it is just beginning.....


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