Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Keeping Purell in My Pocket

Greetings....a beautiful day finally!  I am sending my thoughts and prayers out to Big M who has been admitted to the hospital yesterday. He still battles cancer and has the love and support of his family and friends surrounding him. If anyone can beat this, Big M can!

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In the last post, I mentioned that dad was planning a meeting with the Czar after the season ends. He had his data collected and was building his arsenal. Then the big kid came home on Sunday night to see MJ on Monday morning and the conversation began.....

"Mom, you know that I hate this guy."

Uh huh

"But I have reservations about dad going in. I do not want to be vindictive and prefer to leave with my head high that I did not allow him to defeat me."

So, no dad going in to blast a hole in the locker room wall?

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No Rambo freeing the captives?


OK, I get it. You are not lowering yourself and handling your problems on your own. However, what about the guys who have learning disabilities who have been traumatized by the grade point average postings on the locker room blackboard. Don't you want to rescue them? After all, he thinks that he is above the law as he broke FERPA.


Fine, let's look to the future. I am going to the game on Sunday for senior day. I will be standing tall next to my favorite baseball player and will keep my dignity and composure. However, know this....as soon as I get off the field, I will use Purell on my hand and try not to vomit. In the long run, this guy is going to beat himself. We do not have to do a thing but watch the implosion and there will be one.

For example, the Czar has been starting his frosh on the weekends. They have one win this year. Psycho has been texting the pitchers telling them that they are suck and what are they going to do to get better. He is also tearing them down rather than building them up causing many of them to want to flee after this year is over. Psycho also called one kid an embarrassment. Well now....that's a coach, right? The kid is 18 and Psycho continues to put him on the mound. Can anyone say: "huh?"

I am not going to get involved, but I will listen and document. If anything happens to my kid, I will go in. The Czar has been baiting him to lose his temper, but he is not falling for it. Last week, he was standing in the locker room with two other players, the Czar walked in and said hello to the other guys and ignored the big kid. Hurtful? Maybe. Who cares? The pattern has been consistent and predictable. He is angry that the big lefty has his own thoughts on training and has not drank the Kool Aid. He is also resentful that he is not controllable, 'cause it is all about control. In the long run, he never took the time to speak to the kid and find out what makes him tick. If he has spent 5 minutes in a conversation, he would have understood the lefty. But he chose to make his own assumptions based upon faulty data and logic.

With that said, in my next post, I will share the summer plans and life after college.


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