Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Flame throwing

Good morning! Another spring day and I am just starting to sniffle. The full blown allergies will kick in as soon as the cherry blossoms bloom in the northeast.

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How is the sad big lefty doing? Hmmmm.....

It seems that yesterday was a turning point for him as he came to terms with his injury and the magnitude behind it. If his coaches had been more supportive, the process would not have taken so long. But the Czar has refused to speak to him because he feels betrayed. Sheesh.

That's right....he has been pitching on one leg compromising the integrity and safety of his arms and hips in order to betray the man who has made his life miserable for the last two years. What a devilish idea.

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The people who have been supportive have offered their condolences as they think that this is the end of baseball for him.

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Guess what folks.....

This is just the beginning. he's keeping his plans to himself....

OK, he will not take the traditional route and be drafted out of college since he does not have enough innings under his belt thanks to his injury. However, he will be off to Jersey to realign his body then spend a month in Oregon as he learns to throw flaming balls. Then he will play in an independent league for a season and hope to be discovered.

if not....well.....

We had the discussion yesterday and he feels that if it does not happen, he will be fine because he knows that he gave it all. Yet, he does not feel that it is over. Since he was a younger player, batters could not hit his pitches (when he was healthy). He has a gift that he has been cultivating since he was a kid. He is not going to give up until he feels that it is time.

With that said, I had the time to suggest that he has multiple talents and he will be fine. In fact, he will be amazing as he discovers his other gifts such as creativity, humor, the ability to write, and his intuitive nature (when he wants to use it). I also feel that he would be valuable in the business world as he has such talents plus his baseball background.

Yes, my friends, he will be fine. Yet, I cannot help thinking that his playing days are just beginning. I cannot share this thought with him because I do not want to offer false hope. But I watched his pitching over the years and he is right...

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when he is healthy, no one can hit him. Plus as he escapes from the clutches of the Czar and Pyscho, he has the chance to use scientific principles and flexibility to return to his flame throwing 90+mph days.

Ok, off to get the work done.


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