Thursday, April 9, 2015

All done

Good morning from the lobby of the surgi center. It was an early call as we rolled into the city at 6:30 am for surgery.

I dragged the treasure chest of pennies that I dug up in the backyard to pay for the surgeon and procedure. Luckily, the ground was soft from the rain and I had no problem retrieving my pesos and euros. Image result for digging for buried treasure gif

As he signed in, I was again approached to pay for my bill. Sheesh! The IRS could use these people to collect. The country would then be in great shape. Image result for digging for buried treasure gifBy the way, dad is going to forward the bill to the university. Let's see if they are going to pay up.....

Image result for anesthesia gif

As he waited for the surgery, we had a few laughs, then he was off. Before he left, he showed me some of the Czar's tweets in the past 24 hours, as he has no problem with social media or sending tweets to the quarterback of the football team yet he has never called, tweeted, or texted one of his players who was having surgery. Nice, eh?

After 30 minutes, MJ came to see was a significant tear....all fixed.....start lightly throwing in two weeks. Sweet!

Tomorrow, we have to come back for physical therapy then he can return to campus over the weekend.

Image result for anesthesia gif

I must say that this has been yet another fascinating experience and we have more content for the forthcoming book. Just got word that I can go back to see the big guy.


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