Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sports hernia or not?

Howdy. It's the day before Easter and we have had an Easter miracle. Yes, miracle number one was Jesus rising from the dead. Miracle number two is that the big kid has an appointment with the Michael Jordan of hernia repairs on Monday. That's right. Begging works.....really. Try it some time.

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With that said, the kid came home last night and I enjoyed the banter with him and his dad as they watched SEC baseball together on ESPN. From the pitcher on the mound whom the kid threw against last summer to the team gossip, they had a nice time just chatting about baseball.

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I found out a few things.....first, the Czar continues to put guys on the mound whose ERA are greater than 6. Are we saying "let's tank this year for the first round draft pick?" Naw, that's professional sports. Think about it......

Fade to black.....

You are a blue chip prospect who can attend college anywhere in the US, will you choose a program that has a pitching staff with an ERA higher than the number of wins? Uh, no.

You are a blue chip prospect who can attend college anywhere in the US, will you come to a program whose number of errors are higher than the number of runs scored all year? Uh no.

You are a blue chip prospect who can attend college anywhere in the US, will you choose a program that has a starting player whose batting average is less than .100? Uh no.

And so, this year is looking dismal as is next year and the year after.....

On to the MRI report.....I know, based upon history of working with this hospital that the radiologist did not completely read it. I am looking forward to Monday's appointment which will last four hours to hear what MJ has to say. Once again, if the report is wrong, I will not look under the sofa cushions for extra change and set up a lemonade stand out front of the house, but submit the bill to the coaches and trainers.

The question that I consider almost every day is whether I would do it again. By that, I mean, would I send the kid to this program for his college baseball? Based upon what was promised and how the training was presented, the answer is hmmmm. Yet, the reality is that the promises were not forthcoming. The training in one of the best universities in the country was sub par as was the medical care. BUT, he received an amazing education, which at the end of the day is what he needed most of all. So, the answer to the question is 'yes.' However, if I had a crystal ball that would have shown me that troubles and angst of what was to come, I think that another program would have better suited his needs. Hind sight....20-20 vision.....

With that said, it is good to have everyone under the same roof through the holiday, but I would rather be in Ohio watching my boy throw the ball at 90 mph.

One last word.....the team that the guys played in Texas early in the season is now ranked number one. I believe it. I have watched lots of baseball, but this team was extraordinary as were the fans. One fan held a fishing line with scissors over the dug out. The 'dig' was that the scissors were to cut the players' hair.

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 The guys on our team have a propensity to grow their hair long. It's a statement....or ten...who knows.

Time to hit the gym....


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