Friday, April 3, 2015


Good Friday's Easter weekend for the BP mom family and the big lefty is coming home and not going to Ohio with the team.....

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What is going on? Well, as you know, he has a groin injury and is moving around like a chimp. He is sore, in pain, and miffed.


Not hostile?


Not murderous?

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Not vengeful?

Uh uh.

Such a paradigm shift, right?


As we sat in Wegmans on Wednesday eating pizza before the MRI, he was in a good place. He was not seeking to make anyone pay.

"Mom, I am letting it go. Focusing on positive things. The universe will take care of these guys."

Who are you and what did you do with my son? You are way too calm for me. I am not sure how to handle this new found Zen-itude.

However, I like it because the anger has moved on to the realization that we need to have an accurate picture of what is going on, hence the MRI. Focus on what is happening now.

After the MRI, he hobbled off to the field and I picked up the films and results. The results were:

non sports hernia per the radiologist who read the film....yet the kid is in excruciating pain. The doctor suggested rest.....and rest....and rest.....

On to Yoda....He called Yoda and described the results of the MRI and his plan of action. Yoda was incredulous. "Based upon your symptoms, the reading has to be wrong."


Yoda also concurred with Dr. G to keep the appointment with the Michael Jordan of hernia repairs, since he is the best in the business.

And so, the kid got through MJ's line with the help of Dr. G and has an appointment scheduled for 4/13....which he thinks is too late. So, he threw himself on the mercy of the receptionist and begged her to make the appointment sooner. "Please, oh please...this is my senior year. I have to get back onto the mound. My time is running out."

AS of this point, he has not heard from the office yet to schedule an appointment sooner. He waits....and waits.....

As he spoke to the receptionist the first time, she shared the policy of the office...."You come to us...have an MRI done here.....then an examination....if you need it, you will have surgery the next day....then you will follow without fail, the rehab process and schedule."

Ok, we will do it...pinky, please see me tonight...oh please.

Who knows what will happen, but I see an Easter miracle coming. So stay tuned.

other the end of the game on Wednesday night, the team blew a tie to lose. They wasted two home runs. It happens.

The pitcher, Texas, was called to the mound after not pitching for several weeks, standing three hours in the cold dug out without little or no warm up. Oh, yeah, he also had to lift that he was gassed before he was even warming up. Sadly, he imploded, the team lost. The Czar went nuts in the locker room, Fresnoed the entire team, then threw a table in front of the team and his son. He took a deep breath and went out to meet the cameras. This guy is something else.

Yesterday, they had a practice and he called Texas into his office. It is the policy of the university to hand out excuse cards for missing classes on Fridays for traveling. He asked Texas for his card back and abruptly said "you are not coming this weekend." End of conversation. It is Texas's birthday and what a gift. I told the big guy to bring him home for the weekend but his dad was already coming to see him pitch in Ohio. Instead, he will travel to the  mountains.

An interesting fact about Texas...when he entered this program, he threw 95 consistently. His velocity is down to 80. That is how they develop players...or don't.

With that said, no more negativity. Let's focus on figuring out what is wrong and getting the big kid back to the mound. As I said to him last night, "this behavior pattern from the coaching staff is the only consistent thing going on there. Do not expect anything more or less."

And to Easter activities.....


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