Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This guy stinks and other synonyms

Good afternoon....guess where I am? Yep.....if your guess is the mountains, you are absolutely correct!

I drove to campus today to render some support for my injured pitcher. Before I left, Betty sent a link to an article about a surgeon in my backyard who is the best in the business. More about him later....

Equipped with this knowledge and a grande iced green tea (unsweetened from Starbucks), I hit the open road with my car that still hesitates upon acceleration. Last week I brought it to the dealer who said "uh, nothing wrong here...." Now, I have another appointment next Wednesday to take it back.

Anyway, I sipped my iced tea and put the cruise control on in the car and started listening to some decent tunes when dad called.

Image result for SIPPING GRANDE ICED TEA gif

"Are you ready for this one?"

Sure.....let me take another sip.....go ahead....

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"Your son had breakfast with one of the freshman pitchers today." some news about what they ate?

"They were talking about the big game next week against the team that your kid beat last year. You know, the nationally ranked team. The coaches sent him out to the mound to lose, yet he won."

Yep, I remember that one. I was there...I was cold....I was thrilled for the big guy as he dominated and on the way home, Tink and I grabbed an ice cream bar at a gas station to celebrate.

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"Well, Psycho had been recruiting the kid who had breakfast with your son today and called him the day after the game. Here is the pitching coach's words to the recruit: 'yeah, we won a big game last night which surprised us 'cause the kid who pitched for us sucks.' "

Today, the frosh was shocked to hear that the winning pitcher last year who according to the coaches 'sucked' was the big lefty. In other words, Psycho threw him under the bus while trying to impress the recruit.

According to dad the lefty just laughed.

Yeah. I laughed all right. As I sipped my iced green tea (unsweetened), it spewed out of my mouth onto the windshield of the car.

Sucked, huh? Sucked? Really? Sucked?

It makes me sick and snicker. These guys would not know a quality player if he bit them in the butt. Just sayin'

Anyway, since that start, the suck-y pitcher has gone on to have the lowest era on the team and this walks!

I just sigh...and keep typing.....

The mri is over and in  a few minutes, I have to go to the hospital to get a few copies for a second and third opinion.

Speaking of second opinion, Betty sent the information about the surgeon who is the best in the business or repairing sports hernias. Naturally, he is our guy. However, the big kid spoke to Yoda today about his injury. According to Yoda, this surgeon is the "Michael Jordan of Sports Hernia repairs." This is good news.

Now for the bad news...this doctor does not take health insurance according to Yoda. OK, Yoda, I am hoping that you are wrong about this fact. However, if he isn't wrong, I will have a big bill. Really big.....That's a great deal of change to find in the cushions of the sofa. Even more so, if I do BP mom math and get a second job as a barista in Starbucks, I could come up with the money in a few years...or decades....

Yeah. There goes the retirement fund....although, Yoda is a crafty one....He suggested that the university pays for it, since it is the third injury under their supervision.

Ahh, Yoda, time for BP ma's special cheesecake for you. How about chocolate?

Any way a person looks at it, the kid is out for a period of time. he is now accepting of the time off the mound and is no longer  angry. He is even philosophical as this injury may prevent him from more permanent injuries under these coaches and trainers. He can't work out anymore, so he cannot sustain any more injuries...ah, the silver lining.

After he limped back to the car, he said that his hips are out of alignment which is probably due to his body compensating for his groin injury. Sigh.

My last thought of the day is that you should read the Verducci article on the Texas ranch. He clearly makes a claim that this is the future of training pitchers. Uh huh....the information that my son tried to bring to the coaching staff and he was called a loser and ruined by the Pitching ranch....yet Tom Verducci claims the opposite after investigating the Pitching Doctor's technique.

Moral of this story: When presented with new information, review it, research it, but first read it with an open mind.

Perhaps there will be fewer injuries and a few more victories.

Off to the mri center......


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