Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ranting Part 1

Time to rant....

yes, it is time to rant....and rant, I will.....

Ready? Strap on your safety goggles and helmets.....

As you know, the big kid had an injury. Now, he needs a MRI to confirm whether he has a sports hernia. What does this mean?

Best case scenario: 4 weeks rehab

Worst case scenario: Surgery. College career over.

I probably will not be eloquent in the upcoming paragraphs, so please bear with me....here goes.....

The kid trained on his own in South Carolina over the Christmas break. When he returned, he was throwing 90 without struggling. He felt great. Arm was limber and he was in a great frame of mind. Then he returned to campus.

The trainer through his bullying tactics demanded that he follow his protocols and lift. When balking, the trainer and coaches berated him and placed him back into submission.....good dog.....

Then his elbow began to hurt and he needed rehab. This lasted several weeks and he missed the opening of the season.

Once he rehabbed, he was back on the mound....

He was placed in a game against a top ten school in the south and was tremendous...see Andy Pettite post. The day after he threw 98 pitches, he should have been resting, but the trainer had him lifting. Then he heard a pop. He has not been the same since that day. The trainer continued to make the guys lift even on the days when they threw and finally last week, his velocity dropped from 91 in January to an all time low of 81. He still performed well but he should have killed this team rather than just beating them.

Yesterday, he could barely walk and he has been limping for a few days. The Czar announced to the team that some people limp around and look for attention. That's right...let's pretend that we have an injury in order to get off the mound. After all, he has been working toward his senior year since he was four years old.

Today, he saw the MD who proclaimed that he probably has the sports hernia. Reading between the lines, this is not good.

Grandmothers....please stop reading now.....

This is a manifestation of egos who have come together and think that they have the answers to everything.

Why is there snow on the mountains? Why do my pupils constrict or dilate? What is the Theory of Energy? Why do the Amish ride around in buggys? What is the best way to train an athlete? How should I treat every athlete?

With their 'know-it-all' attitudes, they have totally screwed up my son's and the other guys' dreams and aspirations. They have not listened to him when he said that his body does not respond to lifting. They mocked the global experts on training and rehabbing. His surgeon specifically told him not to lift. By the way, he is team doctor for the pitching staff of a major league team. The pitching doctor is full of *%)^# although he trains every 90+ mph  pitcher in the south.

There is no body of evidence or best practice models that support their methods and now, he may be  out for the season. His senior year....walking in throwing 91....limping out with nothing but a bag full of angst.

Will I let this go?

What do you think?

Oh baby.....

Once the reports are back, I plan to do the following:

1. Collect the medical evidence of how their training problems has caused him undue harm of his arm, shoulder, and groin.
2. Collect letters from his surgeon and Yoda attesting to their modalities have caused more injuries.
3. Bring in the documentation of their reign of terror.
4. Sit in a room with the coaches, athletic director, and trainer to deliver the news.

Because if my son has his way, he will walk away knowing that he has effected change for the guys who remain on the team. He also wants to consult an attorney about this issue. I won't stop him.

Lastly, one who is new to this blog might say "why did he not stand up for himself."

He did. Over and over....but the coaches sat him on the bench, made him breathe, yelled at him, and would not let him play. They also threatened to cut him. Then where would he be?

I wish that this story had a happy ending. And it still might. The days are not over. However, as it stands now, I will stay optimistic and help him to rehab.

If he needs surgery, I will take him to the best surgeon in the country. For rehab, he has Yoda.

Once he finishes rehabbing, he can go to either Texas or Oregon and be placed on an independent league team. He was also on television a few times and I hope that someone saw him pitching.

Because the reality is:

He is a good pitcher....a great pitcher....he can make it and has had every obstacle thrown in front of him. My guess is that this story is far from over. Stay tuned. The MRI is tomorrow and momma is heading to campus, not as mom, but as Dr. BP Mom and let me tell you, when I unleash the beast (Dr. BPM), I take no prisoners.

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