Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Home Opener

Good morning! I am sorry that I have not written but there was nothing to say. I don't want to belabor the point that the team has only won one game this year. I am keeping out of it. I am not judging. I am not in the locker room. My role is not to judge but to support my boy and his boys as a parent.

No, no one has taken over my keyboard. I am going to watch and wait for the implosion. The Czar is so sure of his coaching skills that.....

Fade to black....

Yesterday, I finally touched base with the big kid. He was happy to be home because he was not allowed to perform his stretching exercises on the road. Remember, they are banned because the coaches and trainers believe that for velocity, a pitcher needs strength and not flexibility. However, there is no data to support this theory ergo....they are wrong....just sayin'

The pitchers have banded together and call themselves the Society of Pitchers.

They gather on a regular basis and tell war stories. He could not tell me any stories because I would be shocked. Therefore, he left the stories to my imagination....flowers, trees, and blue birds...right? Doubt it.....Let's wait to read the book.....

Anyway, the Society has a new motto: "Let's get yelled at."

it's simple and effective. They decided since they were all walking on egg shells trying not to be yelled at, they were tight and stressed. As a group, they decided to say "Screw it" (I paraphrase) and be themselves. In other words, as they are more like themselves, they play better BUT they will get yelled at.

See the logic? I do. This way, they can perform at a better level, tune the Czar and Psycho out, and work out the kinks on their own. Gotcha.

Actually, I do get it. I am all for the motto and cannot see where it will get them into any more trouble than they are already in.

Tonight, they travel to the western part of the state. The Czar asked the big lefty to pitch but he was not ready, His back and groin hurt until someone pulled his hips back into alignment. Ouch...then as he returned home, he could use his equipment to unleash the muscles and loosen them. Of course, there was also an epson salt bath involved. Now he is ready.....

Sooo....he starts tomorrow night in the home opener....30 degrees...in the mountains.....This is terrific. Why?

'Cause I do not have to drive to Pittsburgh. My car is acting up and needs attention. I don't want it to peeter out on the turnpike. It goes into the repair shop and I get a loaner.

And now, I prepare in the only way that I know how.....backed ziti...chocolate bombs....lucky sneakers.....minus 20 degree coat and hat.....rosary.....hand and feet warmers......Tums......

Got to work....

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