Thursday, March 5, 2015

Good morning! The weather is unbelievable. Every morning, I flipped on Sam Champion on the weather channel (don't judge) and he shares with us what is happening with winter storm, Thor....actually, it is the "Thor-cast". I have to say, we need a break. This frontal system has been "Thor-ible'. Everywhere.....north, south, east, and west....Image for the news result

Speaking of south, the weekend series will be located on the coast of South Carolina. For Friday's forecast, the high is predicated to be "41". The game is scheduled for 6:30 pm (I think). You know what? It is going to be another frigid night in the world of BP mom and I can tell you right now...the kid is going to pitch. That's right. The conditions are perfect for baseball....sub freezing, windy, a little misty rain. Yep, I am going to love this game.

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After the coastal series, they travel to the middle of the state. Here is where it gets interesting.....the big guy is scheduled to pitch against a top ten team. Yes. I am not lying about this one. Not that I lie at all...right....he is going to pitch and he is excited. The last few phones calls have been about teeth punching, strike out pumping, and chest thumping activities. He is excited and thrilled.

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He's not nervous....but I am. My heart is in my throat and this game is a week away. What's a momma to do?

Who knows. But it seems that I will need some deep breathing strategies, guided imagery, prayer, meditation, and perhaps some Skittles. Sorry, Beast, but this may be an emergency. I may have to fall back on the little multi colored candies to get through a heart pounding evening.

Why am I nervous? After all, he knows what to do. He has prepared for it for years. It is time to see if he can play with the big boys. Sink or swim, buck-o.

Yes, indeed, he is ready. I need to just chill. I can't let him know about my anxiety. He does not need to hear about his weak kneed mother. Nope, I am strong. I can be a pillar of strength. I will offer support and help him to remain positive. This is his break. I think....OK, I guess that I have to work on positive affirmations.....


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