Saturday, March 28, 2015

Missing: Velocity

Good morning! I finally have time to write a bit. First.....Happy birthday to Sparky! Enjoy the day, kiddo.

On to baseball in the mountains. As you know we traveled to the mountains to watch the kid pitch against my alma mater. Naturally, I wanted the lefty to win. Did he?


Once again, the day was miserable...rain...wind....frigid temperatures during the day. As the day progressed, the rain stopped and the wind dies down. The temperatures were perfect....high 30's.

The ball park has propane gas heaters for fans to stand by when they are cold. I sit by them warming throughout the entire game. They actually work until the 7th inning then my feet and not my head order me to leave and warm up.

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The big guy did well. He did not have as many strike outs nor did he have excessive velocity on his ball, but it was enough to keep the team in the game. Once he was relieved, the team went on to score enough runs to win the game. He received a 'no decision'.

While on the mound, I could see that his speed was down since he was not striking out as many as he had in his previous outings. hmmmm.....

As I drove down the mountain since dad and Tink were told to sleep as they both had a 5 am wake up call, he called and began to spew....

"I don't know what happened to my velocity. It's gone. I pulled a muscle in my groin so I cannot use my legs fully."

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Groin, eh? That sounds painful. Did you ice it? Did you see the trainer? Are you working it out?

All answers were non committal which means that maybe he saw the trainer and maybe he is icing it.

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As of today, it still hurts which means that he is keeping it a secret and not telling anyone to prevent being pulled out of the line up. you want a permanently damaged groin? I doubt it. But, he can be a bit of a nut case, so I keep my advice to myself since it falls on deaf ears.

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In the meantime, when he calls to complain, my response is "man up."

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That's right. He knows what to do and all he is looking for is a person he can spew venom without worrying about the consequences. Yet, I want him to stop complaining and do something. A former supervisor of mine use to say: "Fish or cut bait." That's what I say.

Don't complain. Do something. You are the master of your fate. Take over the helm of the ship and begin to call your own shots. You should not have any regrets that you did not speak up when you needed to do so.

Whew. Glad that I got that off my chest. I pray for him and hope for the best. I have seen him at his best and worst. he has so much talent, I hate to see his fear of retribution from the coaching staff prevent him from actualizing his goals, yet they play mind games and they (the entire team) cannot break loose.

Oh well....prayers....prayers.....prayers.....Pray, hope and don't worry....St. Pio's famous line. I am going to try to think this way.....

Moving on......


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