Monday, March 9, 2015

Weird Weekend

I'm back. Sorry about the lack of posts over the last two days....BUT.....

On Saturday, I had the slowest day, which is pretty cool. I ran errands around town. The day was beautiful and I assumed that the kid would not pitch since he was starting on Tuesday night. I was WRONG....more later....

On game days or any other day that I travel with the team, it is not my son's responsibility to entertain me. I am self sufficient and can do lots of things on my own. Plus, I am trying to finish the magazine that I have to publish in the next few weeks. In other words, I have plenty to do.

So, I ran the errands and hit the outlets....While at Sam's Club, I picked up a few items for the house and a big tub of 385 pieces of Dubble Bubble chewing gum for the big kid. I figured since he gave up dipping, he would appreciate the gum. I also picked up some Rice Krispies treats and gave them to him on Sunday.

On to Saturday's game...the day was spectacular! Low 60's, sunny, I was in heaven....until the sun went down...then the chill hit...but before that.....

The game started at 4 instead of 6 due to the weather. I knew that he would not pitch, but I went anyway since I was in town.....

As I watched the game, once again....the bases loaded and the reliever was taken out....fine....fine....who runs out? Yeah, you know who....

I was stunned. What the heck?

Anyway, he did not look confident to me, but what do I know?

The first batter hit a dribbler (only a few feet in front of home plate)...the pitcher runs....dives...throws the ball to the catcher and just misses the tag. Runner safe....oh boy.

The next batter walked on five pitches...the Czar walks out...kid out of the game....if I had blinked, I would have missed the whole thing. It was so fast.

After the game, the team had to journey to an alumni meeting and dinner, so I was on my own....

While I sat in my room next to the lobby eating my chicken wrap for dinner (extra lettuce), I got the texts that ranged from "I'm outta here" to "I am done."

Image result for sad baseball player gif
If I had not been hungry, I would have lost my appetite. Yes, I was sad that he did not strike out the side, but I could tell that he did not have the velocity. So it goes, right? After a while, I stopped answering the texts and let him rant in silence....

When he got to my room (next to the lobby) and after the dinner, he and I had a discussion and I asked questions.....

"How many balls did you throw before you took the mound?"


"That's it? Three?"

Plus the practice ones on the mound.

"Oh, I see. And you are expected to throw strikes with three practice balls. You definitely need to quit since you don't have what it takes."

He started to relax.

Then he said: "My arm is velocity. I am done."

No. I don't accept that...although, let us see what happens. Finally, he worked out a bit with his shoulder tube and then headed for his room.

This was my chance to go to bed since I was tired and we lost an hour due to Eastern daylight time....however, since my room was next the the lobby and Czar, I may have slept two hours...

Image result for can't sleep gif
As I closed my eyes, the Czar and his children were watching a cop show and I could hear the bullets and guns firing. It was like I was at the OK Corral. So, no sleep for a while...then at 4 am (or 3 am if you forgot to turn the clocks forward), the kitchen staff came in and started to prepare the lobby for breakfast. Like the morning before, I knew that they had arrived since they were loud, laughing, coughing, breaking and dropping things, and vacuuming....Yeah, all in the middle of the night. Finally, I got out of bed, got dressed and complained to the front desk.

"Excuse me, but I have the room adjacent to the lobby. it is so noisy in here, I cannot sleep. Honestly, I never complain, but I have not slept in two nights."

Image result for can't sleep gif
The desk clerk looked at me and said: "I believe you. You really look tired...."

Uh, thanks.....

"I will make a notation and have the manager call you. Perhaps you can get a room discount."

This would be nice since I can barely see through my swollen eyes.

Image result for can't sleep gif

Fortunately, the Starbucks down the street was open and I grabbed a quick grande pike....boy, did I need it.

After a few hours, I woke the big lefty up, and we went to mass, then IHOP for the usual...pancakes and french toast. He was feeling better and laughing. My goal was to leave for home then go to the next city on Tuesday....but life does not happen the way we want it, right?

On Saturday night, when he was in despair, I promised that I would journey to the next city on Monday rather than Tuesday and bring his banned equipment to use in my room. He could not carry it on road trips and since I had it, he could hide it in my room.

On Friday night, since I had his shoulder tube and weights he was able to work out in my room quietly so the Czar (who was staying in the room next to me) would not know that I had the tube (remember, this equipment is banned). As he worked out, he perspired...then it began to stink in my room. Ew...but I am accustomed to the locker room and sneaker scent.....sniff....cough....gag....

Back to the story...I left on Sunday morning and had promised the guys that I would bring home made baked ziti before the next game. However, as I planned the menu, it got bigger and bigger.....and finally....I knew that I was in trouble because I promised ziti, salad, and chocolate bombs (recipe is below).....

The reality is, anyone who compliments BP momma's cooking gets treated. That's all a person has to do and whammo.....they are fed, watered, and tucked in....

Image result for italian momma making spaghetti gif
As I prepped the meal, Tink called with the news that the team broke the losing streak and won big! They scored 16 (or 18, I don't remember) runs. Naturally, I started to receive texts.

"Mom, it was the bubble gum!"

Huh, the gum? really?

"We chewed the entire bucket."

Image result for dubble bubble gif

The entire bucket? All 360 pieces? Really? These guys are going to need an emergency appointment with the dentist.
Image result for dubble bubble baseball gif

I texted back. Do you need more gum?

Image result for dubble bubble gif

"yes, please."

Image result for dubble bubble baseball gif

Ok, I planned to stop at Sam's Club on the way to the game on Monday.

With that, I had several errands to run to get the ingredients for the pasta, Mrs Consuelos' bolonese sauce, the bombs, and salad. I finished the prep work Sunday at 8 pm.

Image result for italian momma making spaghetti gif

On Monday, I had the rest of the cooking work to do and assembled the ziti, baked it, finished the bombs, made cookies, and decided NOT to make a salad. No energy....I made an executive decision to buy a salad at Sam's when I picked up two more buckets of Double Bubble chewing gum.

As I went through Sam's Club, I made another executive decision and filled the cart with Double Bubble, cookies, vegetable platter, and a big bag of Hershey's candies. We were ready for a party. My only fear was that I would poison the entire pitching staff and be banned from future games. I still have that fear since they have not had the pasta yet.

Once I pulled into the hotel parking lot, I texted the kid to help me to get the food out of the car. Immediately he was with me, looked me in the eyes and said:

"I don't know how to tell you, but we just found out that we have to attend another alumni dinner. We can't have the pasta."

Huh! What! Seriously? I just spent the last 24 hours getting ready for this and you are blowing it off?
Fine, I don't care. Eat it tomorrow.

"We can have it after the alumni dinner."

Don't be ridiculous. I honestly don't care if you eat it or not.

"Really, mom. The guys want it. They call you a saint."

Dude, get real. It's pasta. I boiled some water. No canonization necessary for this.

"Honestly, they want the food tonight."

And here is where we stand.....I am in my room typing this post. The guys are at the alumni dinner. The hotel kitchen has the ziti with directions to place it in the oven at 7:30 pm at 300 degrees for 35 minutes. Hopefully, it will not burn.

Image result for italian momma making spaghetti gif

Hopefully, it will taste good.

Hopefully, the guys will enjoy it.

Hopefully, no one gets sick or food poisoned.

Hopefully, they win tomorrow night.

Hopefully, this post now ends.


Image result for chocolate oreo truffles

Recipe: Chocolate Bombs

1 package Oreos
1 package cream cheese
Giardelli's melting chocolate wafers

Crush Oreos and mix with softened cream cheese. Roll into little chocolate balls. freeze for one hour. Melt the chocolate wafers. Dip the rolled oreos. Let harden. Enjoy!

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