Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Good morning! Sorry hat I have not written but yesterday was a work marathon and over the weekend, I had to prepare for it. Now that things have settled, I can give you an update......

Over the weekend, there was a 'snow out' and a cancelled game. On Sunday, they played a double header. The opposition was a midwestern team that was nationally ranked. The first game went into extra innings. Even with bases loaded, the Czar put in one of his recruited frosh who proceeded to lose the game. This pitcher was recruited and has an ERA over ten. With the game on the line, it took only three batters to put the opposing team in the lead. Consequently, they lost.

During the second game, the team came back from a 7 run deficit and took advantage of 8 errors. That's right. Eight. They won! Yippee. The opposing team's coach would not let his team shower after the game and put them on the bus for the long, arduous, and arguably miserable ride back to the midwest.

With that said, the line up was announced for next weekend. Guess who is not starting? You guessed it. Guess who is starting....you guessed it. And further, this poor freshman (whose era is over 10) has more walks than strike outs. Remember Fresno when the big kid walked a batter and was nailed to the bench for a month? Well, apparently there is a double standard here.

Here is my quick take on it.....

First, this poor frosh (and the other starter who is struggling) was promised a weekend start if he came to the university. I firmly believe this is what happened, although I could be wrong. His opposing batting average is over .400. What do you think?

Second, as far as a young pitcher is concerned, it is incumbent upon the coach to develop their potential. Therefore, you place them in situations where they can build confidence, war scars, and experience. By putting these guys on the mound with the rest of the team knowing that  they are going to lose the game is a crazy philosophy. What ever happened to the philosophical tenet "for the greater good?"

Ain't happening here.

Am I miffed? yep. But not because my guy is not on the mound on the weekend, but because there are better pitchers on the bench who sit and watch as these two inexperienced and scared kids throw the ball for hit after hit after hit....run after run after run.....It's not fair to the guys who have worked hard to improve. Further, there is a kid on the bench who struck out 9 batters in a row. Tell me. Why does he sit?

With that said, I love my guys and want to see each one succeed. They call me the team mama which is sweet. yeah, I know that they like me because I feed them, but I think that it is a bit deeper since they know someone is in the stands rooting for them holding a bucket of dubble bubble and a bag full of chocolate oreo bombs.

On to the big guy...he is on the mound tomorrow night against my alma mater. Last year, he schooled them. I am hoping for the same again. He is confident and ready to go. When he gets discouraged about weekend starts, we remind him that he is starting and earning his stats anyway. So, tomorrow...off to the mountains.....

Dad and Tink are coming. Usually, I am happy about this but they don't understand my pre game activities. I have to clue them in on the process perhaps using Powerpoint slides with hand outs. I'll call it the 'do's and don't's of watching the big kid starting with BP momma in the stands'.

Okey doke, gotta to run.


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