Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sofa-Gate part 2

Here is an update to sofa gate.....

The cleaning lady, whom I love and want to adopt, stopped by to tidy the place. I told her the entire sofa story and we both agreed that it was ridiculous. Then she went to the upstairs to vacuum ad I continue to blog.....

"BP Mom!"

I ran upstairs. I figured that she wanted to try to open the sofa with me. Although, the delivery man who dropped off my mattress yesterday could not open it as we both turned it on its side and upside down to release it.....yet....

Image result for delivery man gif

You guessed it....the cleaning lady opened it by herself. Sheesh!

Image result for opened sofa bed gif

And now, I am trying to call the furniture store and tell them not to bring another sofa, not to send a technician, and not to call me to schedule anything. Done!

And embarrassed....completely and totally embarrassed....although....I think,,,,

That this sofa is the 'sofa in the stone' know, like the "Sword in the Stone." No one could pull the sword out of the big rock and become king until the young lad Arthur did. Surprising everyone, he became king.

The moral of this story is....I actually don't know, but I will think of one eventually.....

And now, I can leave the south knowing that I am a dope....and on the blacklist in the furniture store.....


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