Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Good morning! It's time to apologize to my northeastern readers as I sit in the sun in 70ish degree temperatures. Yep, it is very nice here. Now, before you start throwing darts, let me start with the fact that I have shoveled hundreds of feet of snow in my life, slipped on numerous icy patches, and sat in the house watching the snow fall praying that the dog would not use the carper as her toilet since she did not like to void in the snow.

The only reason that I am missing the snowy fun is because I am following the big kid in his southern adventures. That's it. Otherwise, I would have the baking soda out to melt the ice on the porch while begging the dogs to pretty please...go to the potty outside.

And now, here is the update....

After the weekend series in NC was cancelled, I settled in to wait for the next group of games which take place this weekend. Naturally, the weather is calling for 40's and unless there is snow, the games will be played.

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I got a text last night. It was cryptic but I understand code. It read: "start against SC." OK, this seems to mean that he is being given the ball not during the weekend series but during the mid week games.

Is this a good thing? Yep, although it seems that the Czar will continue to go with his guys over the weekend despite their incredibly high ERA. Whatever. At least he gets his shot and if he does well, he will move up the rotation.

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The season is merely a few weeks old and we have run the gamete of highs and lows....
1. before the season, he was first pitcher
2. before the first series, he was dropped to 3rd or 4th
3. right before the first series, he had the elbow pain and was shut down
4. he missed the opening series
5. he was dropped to the last guy out of the bullpen
6. he sat on the bench during the second series (Custer's last stand) until the end of the third and final game
7. he is now the 4th starter
8. Who knows what will happen next....but stay tuned, folks.

Gotta run!


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