Sunday, March 29, 2015

Snoop and Me

Double header today and I am not in the stands. No need since I know that the big guy is not going to play. He had his start and as he texts me: "Arm is dead." Ok, you know what to do.

That was my advice besides 'have faith'.

With that said, I have lost my desire to watch television over the years. There is nothing on that I want to see, so if I watch 30 minutes of television a day, that would be considered a great deal for me. I would rather read a book, article, magazine, work out, or write. I guess I am pretty boring. I can't say that I have watched the new shows. I have never seen a Greys' Anatomy...ever....I am probably the only person on the planet not to watch Mc Dreamy and Scandal. No interest plus I do not have the mental space to allow something else into my brain. I would then become obsessed, want to be in front of the TV when the show came on and work my schedule around television. Nope. No more.

Although, when I do have time and not much else to do, I will turn the television on and flip through the 1000s of channels that we have and not find anything of interest to watch until.....

That's right.....I found something of interest to me and  believe that I have watched every episode. No, it is not Nashville, Two and Half Men, or 48 Hours. The show is.....drum roll, please.....

"Snoop and Son...."

OK, before you finish laughing, let me tell you about Snoop and Son, Cordell. Snoop's son is a good football player who could be great under the right coaching. So Snoop moves his family from LA to Las Vegas to play on the number one ranked high school team in the country, Bishop Gorman.

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The show follows Cordell and his father as he works to improve his game and approach to football.

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During the show, Snoop is on his kid like nothing I have ever seen. Yes, I have witnessed parents who were over the top and nagged the coaches that their kids were the best. But Snoop doesn't do that. He is constantly on Cordell's back to the point of the big receiver breaking down. Snoop is all about making his kid a NFL player. Cordell wants it too, but it does not come easy.

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As I watch the show, I can't help but think, this may be the way parents help their kids. Snoop moved the entire family for Cordell to train with the best. He can afford it. But what about families that do not have the rapper's money? They deal with the what they have and pray for a big break.

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Over the years, we have helped the big lefty to achieve his dream. He has been on travel teams, had the best equipment, coaching, and opportunities. Further, we have moved him a few times for summer ball in the midwest. All of this sets him up, but he has to do the rest.

I see Snoop's angst when Cordell misses a touchdown pass. I felt the same way when the kid gave up back to back doubles last week. He only struck out three on Wednesday night as opposed to eight the week, what's the difference here?

I actually  don't know. Snoop rags on his son. I leave mine alone to do his thing. With the coaching that he has had and his work ethic, he knows what to do. I refuse to insult him after a game and think that it will motivate him to do better.

During some of the interviews, Cordell expresses a wish that his dad would tell him that he loves him (he ultimately did during the last show.) Then he says that his dad is too 'gangster' to say it.

Me? I don't have gangster in me unless I am driving down I-95 with the tractor trailers trying to pass me. I tell the kid whenever I see or speak to him that I love him. With every fiber of my being.....Non judgmental....forever...there is the difference. Maybe it is the way men and women interact with their children. How many men (besides BP Grandpop) tell their children that they love them? Probably more than I know. I hear dad say it to Tink all the time.

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However, the similarity between Snoop and myself is evident. We both want what is best for our kids. Both boys are seeking something only an elite few can attain. Will it happen for the big lefty and Cordell? Not sure. But I will be tuned in to Snoop and Son when Cordell goes to college.

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Off to work out.


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