Monday, March 2, 2015

Never give up

Good morning! It's a bit overcast and misty but at least there is no ice. In the northeast, Tink needed a ride to work this morning since it was not safe to drive. Spring...soon, right?

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Where was I?'s been an interesting weekend, as I was able to see BD, Bull and Lil Sis. We had lunch and then went to the Will Smith Focus movie. I liked it. I kind of like Will Smith in some of his movies. He was very good in this one. I give it 4 stars. That's right. Four BP Mom stars for this movie.

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Yesterday was the big kid's birthday. Yes! Twenty three (I know. I am old) years ago, he was born after a days+ worth of labor. Not wanting to get into the raw details since it is best saved for the labor and delivery room, as the doctor was pounding on my stomach trying to get this kid to move out, I remember a few things about the moment. First, he was stuck. Second, the doctor exclaimed in a very loud voice in front of the myriad of folks in the room, including nursing and medical students, "This kid's feet are huge." Hey, what about his head? Why do you think that he is stuck?

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Finally, he was free and entered the world screaming. Oops. Does this mean something? 

Yes, it did. 

It meant that he would scream and scream as a child until he got what he wanted. When he was able to speak, he worked his magic with his big doe eyes until he got wahat he a way. For example, he never had an allowance. If he wanted money for something, he earned it around the house. When old enough, he got a job, which did not last long due to his complicated baseball schedule. However, one day, he came home from the golf course with his tip money. "Look, ma! Fifty bucks!" Yes, for three hours works, he made great money. Sadly, he was sort of let go (in a mutual manner) since he had to play baseball when they needed him to collect the balls on the driving range. He also picked up Lyme disease.

Then of course, he had an injury, surgery, and needed a job to pay for his car. 

Here is where I thank the Baker and Sparky profusely for turning his life around. When he had to start cleaning the garbage cans, he had an epiphany. "If I had a college degree, I would not be scrubbing the trash."

Yes, my son. This is true, a college degree opens quite a few doors. The bakery is a nice place to work, but not long term, unless you own it. And you don't have the skills to own a house plant, let alone a business. So, he went back to school. And guess what? he made the Dean's list and started to ace tests. Yes, indeedy.....he had a major paradigm shift.

And now, he sits in his fifth year of eligibility after his surgery and red shirt year primed for the next phase in his life. He is actually ready to own a bakery or play in the minors. Now all he needs is a shot on the mound. I have a feeling that he will get it.

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Last week, after the five pitches against a nationally ranked team, the head coach of the Texas team stopped him and complimented him. Hmmm....after 5 official throws, he could see his skills. Too bad the Czar cannot figure out what is right under his nose. But, I digress.

That's right. Five pitches. Then he was taken out for a right hander. 

On his way back to the airport, he texted me that he did not throw full throttle and hit 89 mph. Then he said "I have 96 in me. I just need the right coaching."

That's pretty fast in my book. Much faster than his entrance into earth on his birthday. I guess that over the years, he picked up some speed.

And with that, he is officially a man. Although, I will always see him as my baby. 

A big baby....super-sized model...with a heart of gold.

Let's tip our baseball caps to the big lefty who lives the immortal words of Winston Churchill:  "Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.'' 

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Have a great day!


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