Friday, March 20, 2015

Mr. K

Greetings! I am back on the keyboard before heading out. It's the first day of spring...and it is snowing....yuk.

The team won their last two games and the big kid pitched the home opener.....

Fade to black....

Picture is cold....20's...windy....definitely not a great day for baseball. But, hey...we are playing ball in the northeast AND I recall two weeks ago, the games were cancelled in North Carolina due to snow. So, it's not just us.

Usually I get to the field an hour early to watch warm ups, but on Wednesday, I decided that I was going to check into a hotel instead. I planned on staying overnight since I was getting flack from people who did not want me to drive home after the game. Sheesh....I do love my bed....but I gave in.....

After getting to the field completely bundled up, I looked at both squads. The starters were not wearing long sleeve shirts under their uniforms and their arms were bare. Can anyone say 'popsicles?'

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The game begins and I see that the big kid does not have his best stuff. His velocity is low but he manages to strike out 8 batters in 6 innings. He threw 98 pitches with no walks. The Czar was pleased and said so during his post game interview. He always makes the success of the team his fault. When they lose, it is their fault. Get it?

After the game, I went back to the hotel and waited and waited and waited.....when it appeared that the hotel restaurant was going to close, I ordered a steak for the kid so that he could at least have some post game protein. BD, we are changing our post game routine to a better meal that has veggies and protein. He needs it to physically recover.

Around 11p, he and Tonto stopped by for dinner. They ate cold ziti, split the steak, and consumed the chocolate bombs. They spoke about the game. The reason that they were late was because he had to meet the 'media'. He had to wait in line since the Czar needed to be interview and videoed for his take on the success of the game.

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As we chatted, they mentioned that they had to life weights before the game. Huh? Uh, no...what?

yep. The trainer made them lift and their bodies were a mess. Tonto can no longer pitch because he has a bad shoulder from the training. Does this make sense? Tonto is done. He is riding out the season, will graduate, and not look back. He can't take it anymore and wants a normal life where he can get out of bed without cringing.

Will they ever learn?

Yesterday, the big lefty went to the pitching coach and pleaded his case. He hurts more from the training than the games. Now that he has 15 strike outs in two games, he has some leverage to make change.

He tells me that if he does not lift, the trainer reports him and mocks the guys and tells them that they are 'soft.' If he wants soft, he should check out my biceps formerly known as muscles....just sayin'

Ok, be soft as you strike out the first two batters that you face.

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With that said, the game today has been postponed. The university is getting 6 inches of snow, so I assume the field is covered with a white blanket.

On to my errands and projects.

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