Wednesday, March 11, 2015

David vs Goliath Part 2

Good afternoon. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, we were perspiring and sending prayers off to heaven for the Good Lord to look down kindly on His children. Does God care about a game? Dad says 'no'. I say, "sure."

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Anyway, the big kid prepared in his own way for his test on the mound versus a top 8 team. We spoke a few times during the day as neither of us discussed nerves. I wanted the day to be over. Could I fast forward the afternoon and evening? Hmmmm...nope.....

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During the last conversation, I said to him: "Remember to punch them in the mouth....." And with that, he was off.

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I was so excited that BD was going to be in town. She is an illustrious graduate of the university and knows the south like no one else. She charmed Frank, the guy collecting $10.00 for parking to save a space for us while we found a place for dinner. I could not have done this alone and would have had a bag of M&Ms or a hot dog in the ballpark for dinner. Nonetheless, we had a parking space and were able to find a good spot for a salad and drink.

That's right. I am going to admit it right now. I had a drink before the game and am very happy that I did. My nerves were frazzled and I think that my blood pressure was off eh charts, so the glass of pinot grigio went down smoothly and numbed the nerves. Then it was off to the park.

BD was so gracious as she followed my lead.

~We have to get there 45-60 minutes before the game
~We have to take pictures
~Lucky sneakers? She had lucky sandals on....
~Home team sweat shirt

The ball park was one of the new fancy parks that has bathrooms and real grass on the field. There was a nice bullpen and dug outs. We found our seats and prepared for battle......

And away we go......

Synopsis: he lasted 6 innings, threw 95 pitches (88 were fast balls), 7 strike outs, 1 walk, 5 hits (4 legit), 2 earned runs. His catcher (third string) added a run to the board with two successive throwing errors.

Yes, they lost. But he played his heart out. The batters could not keep up with his fast ball which is why the pitching coach only called fast balls. He was not allowed to throw his curve or slider.

After the game, we gathered, chatted, ate pizza, drank wine (actually, I drank the wine. BD has a sip and I finished hers off), and left each other thinking that there is nothing better in the world.

Yep, we were on the top of the world for 20 minutes when I received an email from Big Sis that Big M has fluid in his lungs. As you know, Big M is my brother in law who is the most amazing guy. he is more like a brother than in-law. He has been battling cancer for four years and keeps up the good fight. When I heard the news, the excitement died down and life continued.....

one breath

one pitch

one moment

at a time......


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