Sunday, March 22, 2015

Double header

Good morning! Nothing going on today except a double header that starts at 11 am. The first two games of the weekend were 'snowed-out.' Hey, that's baseball in the northeast...a bit frosty....chilly....unpredictable.

The big guy will not pitch this weekend and is not sure when he will be handed the ball again. There is a Wednesday night game in which he could throw. He could also be moved to the weekend since two of the starters have ERAs of higher than 9.....yes, the number that you see is nine.

It's amazing how we have come full circle. In the past (say the last four years), I would be at the double header shivering and wondering if I would be rewarded with a sighting or two. Yep, I have traveled miles and miles and sat throw hundreds if not thousands of hours of good, bad, and mediocre baseball, and waited to see if my kid was  put into the game. I would wait.....wait....wait some more....One game, I traveled to Florida, watched five games. He finally warmed up and threw 6 pitches, then was taken out.
Of course, there was the famous Texas trip when he warmed up in the sleet and wind and threw 5 pitches. That is a touching memory too.

Image result for cold baseball gif
Oh well, this is the way it goes when your kid is in the bullpen. I am now watching the parents who are traveling to Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina and waiting....waiting....waiting.....they blink....their kid was in and out.

Ahh, the nature of the sport.

I'll keep my week open and follow my guy when he gets the ball tossed to him.

More later.

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