Saturday, March 7, 2015

Baked ziti and a losing streak

Good morning! I want to send a get well shout out to Wildcat's brother who is recovering in the hospital. Get better soon!

On to the world of baseball......

Yesterday's game was moved from 6:30 to 4p due to the weather. This was a good thing. Although, the coaches did not make the decision until 1 p and I had not left the house for the game. Once I quickly punched the information into navigation in the newly cleaned car, I noted that the drive was 2 hours and 45 to fly like Mario Andretti....unfortunately, Mario could not penetrate the traffic on I-95. I think that it is a hoot when tractor trailers move in and out of traffic like they are Subarus. It is not an easy feat and I believe that it is dangerous.

Image result for aggressive truck drivers gif

Note to all truck drivers...don't hate me.....but I think that you and the road will be much safer if you stay in your lane and do not try to weave. That's all I am sayin'

Now, the game......

As you and I knew....the kid was supposed to enter the game to pitch an inning. Did that happen? Uh,

The starter was hit early. He gave up two runs in the first two innings and settled in. The opposing team was not like the Texas team and not like the team that they will face on Tuesday night. In other words, they were beatable and this time, the defeat was not due to pitching. When it came time to enter the bullpen, I could hear the big lefty warm the ball hit the glove. No one else's ball made the sonic sound except his. As the Czar called to the bullpen....out guessed it....


Uh appointed team captain who failed two drug tests is the first to come out. He loaded the bases and got out of it. Now at the top of the 9th, the team loads the bases with no outs. if they score, they had a chance to go to the bottom of the 9th and perhaps win the game. Guess who would have come out to the mound? My guess was the big guy.

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Sadly, the closing pitcher was able to get the last three outs and everyone went home.

On to the hotel....we are staying on campus in a Hampton Inn-ish place. In other words, there is a free breakfast and seating area. After the game, rather than going out since the guys pulled into the hotel at 5am, I bought pizza and shared it with some of the other pitchers. These guys are so nice, that when the birthday cheesecake came out, I promised to come back to town with baked ziti, Caesar salad, and more goodies. Not sure what I was thinking, but when the compliment my cheesecake, I will do just about anything to make them smile. Perhaps the baked ziti will bring good never knows. Perhaps, yes, will help to break the losing streak especially if I use Mrs. Consuelos' bolonese sauce.

And so, the game is at 6:30 tonight, then the guys have to meet with the local alumni club who are sponsoring a dinner. This means that I am on my own all day.

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I have the laptop and am trying to complete an article for a magazine, but my brain doesn't work all day, so I have to find something to do....when looking online for some of the local sites, I found a Fire Museum....that's it.....a Fire Museum.....OK.....

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When I was in Texas, I visited the George Bush Library and Museum. This was pretty neat. Nothing like that is around here, except for the Fire Museum. BD and I were looking for things to do last week and found the Button Museum online. We never made it there, but it is now on my bucket list.

Time for me to write....deadlines loom.....I am fully caffeinated.....


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