Saturday, March 14, 2015

Attention Scouts!

Greetings. I am back in the northeast and it is raining. I don't care. I am home!

I stopped by the bakery yesterday and picked up a cake that had "Mom's home!" on it. That's right...chocolate with vanilla frosting....something for everyone.
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On to the big kid...he has not called in a few days which means that he is in a good place AND with his posse. No need for the folks...although they lost the last two games and have two more this weekend before they break spring training.

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Honest to jimmy......this is my take on it......

They won one game to a sub par team. Not good. The only bright spot was the big kid's play. But that is a momma's perspective.

Thanks to BD and Wildcat, I was able to watch the ESPN feed on Tuesday's game. Here are some of the comments (that I can remember. These quotes are not verbatim).

"Inside slider hit the batter. Bet he wants that pitch back..."

"He looks like a weekend starter....."

"Coach is willing to take losses in the rebuilding process. This is never good. A competitor NEVER accepts defeat."

"He would be great if he had another pitch besides the fast ball." (Note, the coach called fast balls since the opposing team could not hit them."

"He looks like Andy Pettitt."

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Andy Pettitt.....

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Freakin' Andy Pettitt....
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Andy Freakin' Pettitt....
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Freakin' freakin' freakin' Andy Pettitt!

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Are you kidding me???? Freakin' Andy Pettitt??? OH MY GOODNESS!

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The best comment was: "He looks like a draft pick."

A draft pick? A FREAKIN' DRAFT PICK??? Are you kidding me? Please tell the scouts? Attention! Any scouts watching the game? he looks like Freakin' Andy Pettitt and a draft pick!

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On to the Czar's post game comments...." Well, the big lefty has always had good stuff. However he has had location problems....blah blah blah...left handed compliment at all..." can't let people know that he has been wrong for two years about starting this guy.

Now on to the future.....will he be moved to a weekend start? Will the Czar continue to allow his freshmen to take blow after blow on the mound rather than bring them in gradually? After all, their combined ERA is over 10. Their confidence is shot.

Let's consider some wisdom from the big kid over pancakes at IHOP the next day with BD: "Freshmen are not ready for the big games. I now understand why I did not start over the years. You have to have focus and not break it. You go from being a high school stud to one of many arms that can throw a ball over the plate." Yep, my kid has grown up and now sees life as it is...not from his narrow perspective.

Gotta go...still battling a huge deadline.


PS: I remember one more the big guy entered the dugout after an inning, a player says to him: "You are playing great." The pitching coach yells: "Don't tell him that. He sucks." In the next moment, the Czar said: "You're playing great." Sheesh...

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