Sunday, March 1, 2015

Who ordered the snow?

Good morning! It is cool and damp in the south, but there is no snow. Although......

The weekend tournament in North Carolina has been cancelled as the teams did not want to play snowball. Who could blame them? Who planned the snow? When does this happen?

And now, I have a few days off without baseball. This is OK since I have things to do....sort of.

I had made the plans and scheduled everything out from the trip south to the trip north...back south again...then north.....I guess this means that I can accomplish more work. Nice....or not.....

I would like to hang out with BD, lil Sis and Bull, therefore, I will point the car north and hit know the Skittles.....that's right. I am true to my word and am completely Skittle-free. As a Skittle addict, I could possibly slide back into the habit, but I made an oath to the Beast and a person does not cross her. Ever!

Back to baseball....the sad reality of the guys having to stay north has sunk in....I had planned a birthday celebration on Saturday and now I will wait until next weekend. BUT.....

here is the latest news....

The team was asked to go to Florida but turned them down knowing that they would be playing in NC this weekend. As BD and I discussed, the storm was a surprise. So, the team stayed home.

Today at 6 am, they have an inter squad scrimmage. Tomorrow, the scrimmage is at 5 am then they have to attend the women's ice hockey game with another practice on Sunday morning. The coaches want to keep the guys out of the bars since this is the weekend before spring break. Why is this an issue?

Well, the weekend before spring break is designated as St Patty's day on campus and the entire university goes on a binge. That's right. A binge. And so, the coaches are afraid that the guys will also drink so they scheduled their entire weekend. Nice....or not nice.....this seems over the top. Let the guys be guys and make their own decisions. Really!

With that said, I got things to do, places to go, people to meet, articles to write.


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