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Good morning! It's another wet morning and the mood of the house is somber, angry, and sullen....NOT!

That's right! Life is like spring time right now with lots of flower buds and possibilities for a beautiful season.

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OK, I guess you are thinking, 'how is that possible, BPM? After all, the big kid has had a terrible blow. The Czar is looking for ways to humiliate him and his college career is over...yet.....

If a person keeps a positive attitude, one can see possibilities rather than problems....and here they are....

Yesterday was a banner day as the big lefty as he contacted the groups in Seattle, Jersey and Coach T.

Let's start with NJ.....they can see him to realign his body and work on his muscles. It's too bad that he needs this service, but I never said that his trainers and surgeons were following best practice models, did I? This will begin when he is cleared by his surgeon for work outs.

Seattle: They want to work with him. His big questions is how should he arrive? In other words, what kind of condition do they want him in before they begin the work outs. Dad's question is naturally 'how much will this cost?'

Coach T: If you are a regular reader, you know that Coach T has been his mentor and coach since high school. He was drafted to the majors in his freshman year of college and spent his years in the minor leagues. He was called to the majors for two days, never started, cut, picked up again, played minors, then retired. He was done after ten years of trying to make it.

Coach T was more than happy to hear from him as he listened to his story. He said several things....
1. He loathes college coaches
2. He will work out with the big kid
3. He will use his contacts to call his friends in the majors ONLY if the kid hits 88 mph on the radar gun. He does not want to stake his reputation on someone who cannot hit the mark.

This is so kind of him. He is currently working for his dad, does not have a college degree and has limited possibilities for the future. In a way, he sees more potential in the big kid since he has a degree (almost. See next week's posts) and spent his years working with a team. However, he wants to help, but the big lefty has to do his thing and return to playing form.

He was aghast that the trainers would make the players lift and do things that did not feel right. He was also glad that the kid balked at the work outs and advocated for himself to the detriment of his relationships with the coaches and trainers. When posed with the question of whether teams would pick him up if the Czar calls him uncoachable in a phone interview with scouts, his response was that they do not care. If he can throw, he can be a mean SOB and still make it.

He also asked if he thought that he would be drafted in June. The big guy's response was that he was never approached and has not heard from anyone. However, if anyone saw his outing against the SEC teams, there was a 0.01% chance that he would get a call. Coach T then replied that this may be the case and guys never know what is going to happen. Often, scouts watch from a distance.

And so....all of this leads to one word...'wow'.....

Once again, the emotions went from salty to sweet in a manner of days. There is hope for the future and his playing days may not be over. Coach T said that he might land up in indy ball for a day or year...no one knows for sure.

All of this information is great as summer plans are made. I was asked by Sparky when we were hosting a graduation party for the big kid....the answer is 'never'. His party is his life and the blessings that he has. He is going to both coasts to work out and I am sure that we will reimburse Coach T for his time.

Is all of this worth it?

Sure. I'll tell you why...it's the same old story...if he was a painter, I would send him to Europe to learn. If he was a dancer, he would be in new York. AS a parent, I have the responsibility to make sure that my children follow their passions, are educated, and will ultimately be independent and good people. I will do what I am called to do and so will they. We are a family...a team....we work with each other to achieve our greatest potential as humans and develop our God-given talents. If he can throw, then he has to cultivate this skill and use it for good and not evil.

With that said, I am back in the classroom tonight and have no idea what I am teaching.....


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