Thursday, May 7, 2015

Planning, planning, planning

Good morning! I am doing everything in my power not to grade a boatload of papers. Yet, it's time and has to be done. I need some motivation...more than coffee or a chocolate Dunkin Donuts donut....It's like a paralysis...

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Perhaps it is spring fever....That's it...I am paralyzed by spring fever.

On to Big M....he is hanging in there and battling like he is still playing football. Inspiring! Go Big M....GO! I told Big Sis that she is the quarterback and we are the offensive line. We have to open holes for Big M to run through to defeat the foe. let's do this!

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How is the big kid? Well, he had his final final yesterday....naturally, it was accounting....he needed 37/100 points to pass and graduate. Did he get it? Uh, we don't know...'cause he does not appear confident...yikes! Please God! Oh please! 37 points....that's all I ask at this moment....I'll be in touch later.

Also, thinking about Father J, my favorite Maryknoll priest. He is taking his comps today trying to complete his degree....another prayer coming....."Please God! Help Father J to graduate too!"

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Ok, I am done praying for the next few minutes. The bid lefty is coming home this morning and headed straight to Yoda. That's right. No, 'hi Mom!''s more like....'Yoda! I have missed you! Are you taking your blood pressure pills? Getting enough rest and exercise? Want to come with me to Seattle? My folks will pay! You have to stay healthy for another few years. Have some Ginko....'

I received a text in which one of the pitchers asked him if he was hanging up his cleats. The response has been the same to everyone. "Yes, I am going to stay in the south for the summer and get a job on the golf course. Then I will work for my dad in the fall."

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I believe that everyone who has asked him gets the same answer. Yet, we know differently, right?

He is headed to Seattle tomorrow and will find a place to live. Then he will work out and see what happens.

Back to the conversation with one of his team mates. The other guy said that it was good that he was hanging up the cleats since he was D 1 good but not good enough for the pros. Hmmmm.

The big kid's mind went back to the game earlier in the season when the announcer called him Andy Pettit. I believe that this comparison is called better than D1....if you know what I mean.

Whatever happens, he will have done everything with no regrets. Ultimately, he may make a connection an find a job that excites him and settle down. Until then, he follows his plan and heart.

By the way, he had his final meeting with the Czar. It went as expected, although the coach wanted to hear an apology for having surgery without his permission. He never got it. However, the kid sent one salvo in as he told the guy that the grade point averages on the blackboard were a FERPA violation which puts the university at risk to lose its financial aid. The Czar said that he would look into it. The lefty was going to check the locker room last night to see if the gpas were removed. Let's see if the Czar heeded his warning. 

Now, to stay employed and bankroll this future adventure, I must grade papers.


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