Monday, May 11, 2015

One last push

Good morning. Happy day after Mother's Day to all. I would like to send a shout out to my own BP Grandmom who is amazing. Thanks for everything, BPGmom. You are the best-est!

On to the big kid....last that we heard, our hero was headed to see Yoda, his beloved PT, who gave him some very sound advice....

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Kid, you are going no where until you have finished your rehab. In other words, no Seattle for a while.

Speaking of Seattle, Yoda is not convinced that this is the place for him. Valuing Yoda's opinion, I had misgivings about his weekend trip to see this velocity guru. Yet, he went anyway.

Here is what he discovered in the four-hour meeting....

1. They do not want anyone who is happy with 88. Agreed.
2. Once they viewed the university's training and strength routines, the director called it 'criminal.'

3. They concurred that if he was speaking the truth of how he was able to thrive in this 'back water' environment, then his potential is limitless.
4. He has high miles on him and battled injuries. Plus he is getting old, so  his clock ticking.
5. They have an outlet to 8 major league teams, therefore, if he does well this summer and hits 95, they will send a call out.

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All of this to say....hmmmm

The next step is to rehab to the point where he can train. This is where Yoda comes in. Therefore, the next few weeks will be spent returning to fighting form as demonstrated when he left the house after a cross country flight and dinner to throw his weighted balls and work out. The beast has been unleashed. He is passionate and ready for one last push to achieve his goal.

Next week, he and I will travel to Tampa to visit with one other training facility. This place is like the pitching doctor on steroids. So, we will check it out. He will weigh his options, then make his decision. We will then send him to either Tampa or Seattle for one last push.

What is going to happen?

Dang if I know. What I do know is that he will not leave any stone unturned. He is not going to be satisfied with a desk job and will land up doing something pretty cool if he does not pitch in the majors.

With that said, I have tons of work and meetings this week. I will try to keep you abreast of the activities as they occur.


PS: Got a fitbit for mother's this point, I have 417 steps toward the 10,000. I might not sleep tonight trying to hit the magic goal.

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