Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bad news and good news

Good morning....If you are thinking that I am caught up with work despite being on vacation with an assortment of down time, you are wrong. I cannot seem to start and finish my projects. My mind is elsewhere despite having intentions of getting it done. Oh well...I have two more weeks. There is nothing like a great deal of stress to motivate or paralyze a person.

Anyway...enough about my lack of motivation and on to someone who has a great deal of ambition...the big lefty...

Got my daily text....'something wrong with hip...'

My response was 'ice it.'

Oye...hopefully, it is just a minor strain....nope....

"My hip gave out yesterday after a pitch and I fell. It is throbbing."



After I swallowed hard and said a little prayer, I asked him to explain. It seems that he has hip problem (he claims is congenital...ok, 'nuff about that). The hip is not stable and he is now in a panic.


1. Go to doc in Seattle and work it out there.
2. Go to the directors of the program and ask for assistance
3. Call New Jersey folks for advice since they are the experts
4. Come home and see Yoda. Work out at home....

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He opted for #3 and sent an email last night. As of this moment, I have not heard from him.

As we chatted last night, he remains optimistic. His body issues have been a direct reflection of the university's training system and protocol. According to the big kid, when he went to Jersey this summer, he had ten problems to fix from his neck to back to knee to abdomen, shoulder, etc. The hip was last on the list. His body feels great except for the hip. And so, this is one of the last pieces of the puzzle. Hopefully, the Jersey people can give him a protocol that he can follow in Seattle. Then he can finish his workouts. This would be the ideal choice rather than bringing him home.

He ran the gamut of emotions last night as he was clear: "If it takes a week, a year, or six years, I will pitch. My last pitch is not going to be for the Czar at 79 mph. No way."

This is a determined young man.

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Here is what fueled this determination....the Seattle people said to him: "Once you are where you were earlier in the season, we will get you onto a team."

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That's right....a team....MLB, babeee......he is NOT giving up...not for a hip, back, neck, or shoulder. This guy is determined to make it. Sadly, his road is more difficult than others. But he is determined to finish what he started.

And so...stay tuned....the road is rocky again.....think positive.....he is closer than ever. All he has to do is fix the hip and he is on his way again....the little train that could.....

Gotta take the pups out. They seems to be chewing more and have started to eat my wall again....I need this, right?

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