Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ups and downs of training

Pope training has been derailed for a bit. After walking 5 miles on the beach, I looked at the feet and there are scores of blisters on them. Did Bruce Jenner have these problems when he trained for the decathlon? Did Caitlyn?

Image result for caitlyn in heels gifHow does one go from sneakers to high heels in a matter of months? perhaps this will be another Olympic game as athletes run in their Jimmy Choo's....
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Speaking of Jimmy Choos, I looked at them once as I passed through Nordstrom. Uh, they are pretty dang expensive.

I think that I will stick to whatever is one the clearance rack with a coupon that kind of fit my big, blistered feet.

On to Seattle...someone is a very happy camper...the training is going well. The hip is strengthening and he is moving along in the process. He is also making friends and anticipates the meeting of his goals.

In English.....he is progressing and he sees being on the mound at the bottom of the 9th in the 7th game of the World Series.

I had a nice conversation yesterday with an old friend whom I have not seen in a few years. We talked about the perception that most professional athletes are nice guys. I had to disagree with her as I have witnessed a nastiness that could be likened to the last pair of red size 9 Keds sneakers on the rack on Black Friday. Those shoppers hitting and shoving to get to the sneakers with the most aggressive woman grabbing them in victory.

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Similarly, the professional athlete has a cut throat mentality. Win at all costs (within the rules of the game, of course). They have a snarkiness to them that even a professional Black Friday shopper does not have. A friend from tennis who was ranked nationally told me that she would would not even give her 80 year old mother a point if it meant that she would get off the ventilator. Now, that is competition. I would definitely use a point or 5 to get BP Grandmom off the vent. Just sayin'....
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And so, my guy is happy today and that is where I will leave it. There aren't many days when I can admit to this because his temperament is linked to his success in training. When I do not hear from him, he is happy. When I do hear from him, he is either at the highest of highs or lowest of lows needing my brand of 'mom therapy.'

This therapy often costs me a night's sleep since I have to think of the right things to say that will help him to process his angst. The old "everything will be OK" phrase is not helpful in this point, 'cause it might not be OK. In fact, it could be career ending. Therefore, I need to use the Psych 100 and 200 courses that I had in undergrad....Do I ask him how he 'feels' about his injury? Do I tell him not to 'feel' anything? Again, I have to pull out the books and do some research. After all, this long distance therapy has to be exact and helpful without being too encouraging. In other words, I have to be realistic in what is going on. He is no longer a 6 year old who wants to be a fireman. He is a young adult who wants to be in the major leagues. According to one of the consultant doctors during his sophomore year: "The chance of you making it to the majors is less than one percent. Concentrate on your studies." Ouch.

OK, doc....he has his degree with a minor...made the Dean's list a few times and has a few academic awards (yeah, my kid...who would have thought?). So, he is off trying to do what less than 1% of the people who are trying can do....make the money is on's on him as he uses my American Express card as if it did not have a limit.

OK, got to get a few things done.


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