Saturday, August 1, 2015

Love our leftys....

Greetings on a hot Saturday morning. Today is the day....that's right...'the day'...the Big lefty leaves us and heads to Seattle for a run at the big leagues.

Before I get into the story, let me share something 'oh so cool' with you....OK, maybe it is not cool, but it was we go.....

Last Saturday, we gathered at Big Sis's house. As we sat and reminisced, someone with a smart phone cried: "Cole Hamels is pitching a no hitter.....turn on the TV."

Ok, we did as we were told and it was the bottom of the 8th and sure enough, he had not given up a hit.....we watched.....held our breath....then he finished the game with a no hitter.....then Big Sis screams: "It was Big M! He loved his boy Cole.....he helped him!"

Ok, I don't know about you, but I am not sure whether these things are actually an issue in heaven BUT I went with it and was glad that Big M  had a hand in the game....

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Is this story over?

Nope......Stay tuned....

And so, another friend stopped by the house. This man has been a great friend to Big M as he owns a baseball work out center in the region. Cole H works out there in the off season and he and Big M's friend are friends. So, Big Sis told him the story of how CH was his favorite and was probably there during the game.

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Does the story end here?

Nope...there's more.....

The friend texts CH and tells him about Big M's passing and how they were convinced that BIG M was with him during the game.

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End of story?

Nope....there's more....

After the funeral, Big Sis received a letter from CH! That's right! A letter......

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Here is a guy who had been traded on Wednesday to Texas and he still had time to write a letter of condolences to Big Sis.

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To paraphrase......he was sorry about Big M and could feel prayers as he was on the mound during his no hitter. He could feel something....then he offered to set her and the family up in Texas if they were in town. He would give them tickets and set them up in the ballpark.

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Now, this is a guy! Yeah, he went from being my number two favorite lefty to actually staying number two behind the Big kid. This guy has class. Big Sis and family were thrilled with the letter and CH's condolences. This brought smiles to their faces. It may have taken him two minutes, but his kindness has brought a plehtora of good feelings to a family that needed it. I am now a Rangers fan! Go team!

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Back to the other big lefty....

He has been rehabbing his body for the past two months with success although he still complains about his hips....which are congenital.....He thanked me for the problem with his hips. I asked him how he knew that it was my fault and not his father's. Then I reminded him that his height, big hands, and athleticism were a family gift too and to be grateful.

Anyway, he leaves....

Last night we headed to the fair to hear a friend sing on the bandstand. He was excellent. As our favorite singer sang, the Big kid unloaded to me and said that he was nervous/anxious about the next phase.

"You? Nervous?"

"You have an amazing opportunity to fix a wrong that has been done to you. You have the I watched you pitch. You are so close. keep your head down and throw....."

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And that, my friends, is my advice to the lefty....just throw....and throw...and throw....listen to the experts and let them guide you. Breathe....throw....breathe...throw....

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This is the moment that he has been waiting for since he was four years old. It is his shot. We will know whether it is in the cards or not for his run for the bigs.

Until then....keep our favorite lefty in your thoughts and prayers. I know that Big M is watching him from heaven. We will do our part on earth.

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