Friday, September 16, 2011

An Entourage

Good Morning!
As always, I look outside and see the weather. Today is a spectacular day with low humidity and blue skies....just perfect! I want to send a shout out to a very good friend "The Traveler" who is celebrating her birthday today. The Traveler and I have been great friends since college and when I think back on those days, the fun began and ended with our good times together. Have a wonderful day, kiddo!

Also, kudos to Tink who brought home a 91 on her first math test. You go girl.....

Oh yes, college was a wonderful time for me. Granted, I studied like no one else, 'cause I was not as intelligent as the rest of the gang. I had to work harder for what I earned. But it was worth it. Between studying, working, playing tennis, and attending class there were fun times and a lot of laughs. My friends would tease me because I never cut class. I was not comfortable doing that since I was afraid that I would miss something very important and often my grade teetered on the lower side of the scale. Like Buddy, we had class in a large lecture hall and some of the girls planned on cutting out after the first break. Once again, I told them that I was staying and would give them the notes. Three of them tried to sneak out behind the stage and exit through a back door. As the first door locked behind them, the exit door was also locked and they could not escape without setting off the alarm and alerting the professor of their 'misdeed.'. They also could not bang on the first door to open it since the class was continuing with the professor teaching by the door. So, they sat in the enclosed hallway stuck there until they were sure that they could escape hours later without the instructor noticing. As it turned out, they were locked in for 5 hours. Boy, am I glad that I did not cut that day.

I did try to cut out on a graduate class early as a storm moved in....just I was to cross the field, lightening struck a tree at the other end of the opening. Was this God telling me to go back to leadership class? Perhaps...I never really questioned that one but walked back into class soaking wet. This was a learning lesson for me and I never tried to skip class again.

Consequently, college was one time that I will never forget. Likewise, I am hoping that my son is also enjoying his college days as he balances work outs, scrimmages (which begin this weekend), studying, and having a good time with friends. As one song lyric suggests: "These are the days to remember..."

And remember, he will as he can look back on the four (or five) years of university life. Yesterday he called me excited and shared with me that his friend "Dewey" begged him to make the majors. Please man, you gotta do it....says Dewey. Isn't that nice that his friends give him so much support? "No, mom....he just wants to be in my entourage." Huh? Your entourage? "Yeah, like the television show. Dewey wants to be my 'Turtle'" For those of you who do not know who Turtle goes....

Entourage is on HBO and Buddy and his crew love the show. it is about a movie star and his three friends who leave New Year for LA. The protagonist is a movie star and his brother and friends come to live with him. He also pays them to keep them around. In a way, they keep him grounded and 'real.' Turtle in the show is the chauffeur, goof-ball, and butt of most jokes. So, Dewey wants Buddy to make it so that he can work for him as well as drive him around. In the old days, this role and job was taken by me. Now I have been replaced by Dewey or Turtle as one may see it.

I am happy that the guys are supporting the big leftie even if it is to hop along for the ride. With this kind of encouragement, he has more of a goal. He wants to bring his friends along for the journey. This is a good thing as they know him from the neighborhood. As big as his head becomes, they will be there to deflate it and remind him of where he the back yard with a plastic Fisher Price tee swinging away at a plastic ball. When he looks back and reflects on how his friends and family have been there cheering him on over the years, I hope that he has the same type of wonderful memories that I had from those days. They were unique, fun, and unforgettable. Hopefully, he can take a few steps back, look around, and take a lasting picture in his mind.....

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