Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer already?

The rain in the northeast has been crazy as homes are flooded and evacuated. Neighbors have had to bail out and families had to leave their homes. The heat and moisture might lead to lots of mosquitoes, right? In addition, the road to Buddy's school has been closed due to flooding, so he has to stay put and the opposing football team has had to make alternative travel plans. Messy...very messy...

While focusing on the rainy weather and trying to find an alternate way to work, I received a text from Buddy about his summer league team for 2012. He tried to call me while I was in class, but once again, he tends to forget when I am busy at scheduled times and does not adjust his calls accordingly. It seems that he and The Angel have been asked to play in the Maryland league next summer. I could not be happier! The Angel can be his room mate. They can share expenses and he has someone with a bit of common sense to live with in Maryland.

For now, I do not know the name of the team, but I checked out the website and the competition looks formidable. Another bonus is that we can travel from home to see the games when he pitches and not have to pay for a hotel. This is getting better and better.

As plans are made for a season next year, I am going to reflect on what we learned this past summer and what we are going to do differently as a result. First, he will contact the coach in December and go and meet him over the Christmas break. Next, he will share that he wants to be a starting pitcher up front and not leave it to the coach to figure out. He is also going to interview the coach and check out his philosophy and qualifications. Third, he and The Angel are going to find a cheap, safe place to live that is furnished. All plans will be made and ready by mid spring. No more frantic trips to find an apartment. No more buying furniture to use for three months then hauling it somewhere to relocate it. We are smarter this year than last year. No more wasted trips or money. The key is preparation. Right?

Right. So, that is the plan. It is important to stay on task. Focus on what needs to be done. Delegating to the men of my family may be tenuous since they dropped the ball last year, but I am not giving up. This is his life. He has to step up and be a man. No relying on momma to make things work after things have been botched or ignored. These are the directions. All they have to do is read them.

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