Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday news

Good morning! I can only post a short note today since I have meetings and classes. The caffeine has taken effect, so here goes...

As you know, Buddy continues the quest to balance his social and baseball life with school work and courses. The big kid has so many distractions, he is not sure what to do next. His mentor has fizzled out as she focuses on the all-important sorority rush and parties, and he is floating without direction. You may ask: "BP mom, can't he do this himself? Can't he figure out what is important and prioritize?" The answer is the obvious....'no.'

He has so much on his plate, that he cannot figure out what is critical and what can wait. He has started to cram again, which is never a good idea and make mistakes such as write down (or not write down) the wrong dates for tests and papers. This is a kid who needs a mentor who is dedicated to seeing him succeed.

With that said, he called on his way home from practice yesterday after he tried to reach me all day. The big leftie wanted to share the dream that he had the night went something like this: "I was at a stadium and there was a clipboard with two columns on it. My name was at the top. On the left side, there were remarks from my college coach: lacks focus and discipline, hard worker, good potential, low 80's fastball. On the right side of the column it said: focused, starter, low 90s fastball, disciplined, great prospect. The right side of the column was written by a scout from the California Angels."

Such a it a dream? My question to him was: "Do your dreams come true?" He replied: "This one will...I am going to play for the Angels."

With that, he vowed to correct the issues that his college coach sees in order to achieve this dream. Is it a real dream or a life dream? Do dreams really come true or are they your subconscious telling you to fix something in your life? Are dreams reality or fake? Is it wishful thinking or prognostic? I am perplex as the next person. Then he said something very interesting (or at least I think so). "I think that the dream was sent by God and He is telling me to fix the problems and be more focused." Hmmmm....I am going to have to thank God for this message. I send it all the time, but only God, the Creator of all, could get it through that thick, yet oh so lovely head of his.

Whatever the dream may mean, which could be nothing, it has served to light a fire in him as he can see all possibilities. I pray that he can achieve his goals and dreams, have his entourage, and finish his degree....and perhaps...just for the Angels ;-)

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