Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend and Football

And so, as we are in the throes of the Labor Day weekend, there are people to see, personal parties to attend, and places to go with family and friends. I had the opportunity to go shopping with Sparky who reads this blog. She knows that I did not get to interview for the Starbucks job in Ohio and did not seem too surprised. As we stood together in line waiting to order a few somewhat complicated drinks, the barrista taking the orders was alone and the line backed up. We actually waited a long time which did not please Sparky. Once we finally got to the cash register, the inept barrista proceeded to take the wrong order over and over while Sparky started to steam (like a mocha cappuccino). Finally, another barrista came in and made three wrong drinks (oops). Not pleased, Sparky eagerly requested that she remake them to our specifications. After a few more attempts, the drinks were ready for us. Why do I bring this event up? Well, don't you think that I am still a bit hurt that I could not get a job in Ohio at the Starbucks? I am not holding the entire chain responsible, but...I am still sad that I did not qualify for this position. Oh well, I will get over it some day...until then, I will keep my head up and silently drink my skinny decaf vanilla latte.

The first football game is over and in the books recorded as a win. No surprise since the opponent was basically a D-II school who was in the game for the money from television revenue. It was a humiliating loss for them but lucrative. The big check will ease the sting of the lopsided score as they stop in a Subway on the way home rather than McDonalds.....

Buddy called after the game and mentioned that he was going to go to bed at 8 pm. "Eight o'clock? Are you sick?" I inquired. "Nope, just tired...." For many readers who will take it at face value, go right ahead. However, having been a college student myself and now parenting two of them, this is the real story....

The night before any football game begins a weekend of intense partying for the students. Granted, there are students who begin to party in anticipation for a Saturday game on Monday afternoon and continue until the game is long over....but that is not the case with most of the athletes in training. As a matter of fact, the kids in the winter and spring sports are fighting for starting positions and have to be at the top of their game to be noticed by the coaches and considered viable members of the team, therefore, they do not party during the week since they have to lift, run, and train early in the morning and after classes. The coaches know when someone is not into it and this is a no-no in the sports world.

Back to Friday night...I knew that the kids were heading to the Fencing Team's party (the girls are from other countries you know)...this meant that there would be a long walk late at night to the to get in...stand there...have a drink or two (hopefully no more...hopefully less) with the guys, notice the girls, perhaps chat with a few...make plans for some other time to get together...find an open sandwich shop for a late night snack...wander home...get into bed...wake up early to begin the tailgating process. From there, they walk to the game, scream, act crazy, boo and cheer....then the effects of the past 24 hours begin to hit them....they are less animated, stop clapping and cheering, feel a headache coming on...find that the game is pretty boring, leave after the third quarter, wander home (again) and find their beds. After a nap, they realize that they are exhausted and Saturday night becomes a non-event as they do not have the energy to keep it going....That my friends is why my son stayed in last night. Did he tell me this? Of course not, I did not raise a fool...I guessed it and know that I am 100% accurate. My son does not like to feel tired, it bothers him and he needs his sleep. However, since this is Labor Day weekend, they have one more chance to have fun before school starts, so there will be plans to get together with their posse. Yet, he's so transparent to his parent...I get it and warn him to watch it. As Dean Wormer said in Animal House "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life." Knowing Buddy, he does not drink much at all since he has too much to lose. I do believe that he listens to his dad who advises: "No beer tastes that good..."

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