Monday, September 26, 2011

Life lessons learned on the court

Greetings! I know that there are times when I joke about my son as he grows and develops into the man that he is destined to become. All of the humor is just that…humor. I try to look at life as a series of events that construct the complicated 1000 piece puzzle of our lives. If I didn’t laugh, then I would probably be sitting in a padded room allowed out for medication and therapy. Humor is generally the way I cope and look at life.

Therefore, when I joke about the big kid and his lack of spelling prowess (how do you spell my middle name?) or inability to follow through on simple directions (you place the empty can into the recycling container), I am actually sending our messages of how unique and wonderful the guy is and how blessed I am that he and his sister are in my life.

OK, enough of that mush…. last night, Buddy called while we were cleaning the kitchen after dinner. With the dishwasher churning, football game blaring, and the vacuum roaring, I tried to hear what he was telling me from outside of the study hall. Apparently he and a few other pitchers were asked to play wheelchair basketball with a group of wounded Iraq warriors (the team sponsors this group and raises funds for them). Buddy and 6 other guys had the opportunity to work out with these athletes. From what he shares with me, they were in terrific shape as the warriors crushed the pitchers in a game of hoops. He explained the game to me and mentioned his hands, shoulders, and arms ached from moving the chair up and down the court. His legs were cramping and muscles were uncomfortable. He also joked that he was asked to guard a girl in a chair who had been paralyzed in a Humvee accident. He refused to block her shot but she aggressively ran her chair broadside into his showing some feminine go girl!

Then he mentioned that he could get up out of the chair, but the others could not. He was humbled by the experience and plans to join the group when they play again. After posing for pictures with the hoop warriors, he invited the players to the home games as he would take care of their tickets. The guys made lots of new friends.
I am not going to joke about this one at all. I was impressed by the players’ humility and experiences and grateful that he was given yet another opportunity to learn about life without having to listen to me pontificate. The experience was worth 100 sermons at the 7:30 am mass.

And so, life goes on and another week begins. It’s time to go back to work....have a good day.

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