Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ball 4!

Good morning! Special kudos to nephew M, another leftie, who is finishing his senior year in college. He was honored yesterday at the ballpark and given his jersey. It was a neat moment, although Big Sis and Big M had a bit of trouble keeping their composure. It was a touching ceremony to watch.

It was a beautiful day and Tink and I arrived at the ceremony in our usual baseball watching attire....heavy parka, gloves, hat, hand warmers, heavy socks, and boots. People were wearing sweatshirts and jeans....Huh? Aren't you guys underdressed for this one? Nope....they obviously never watched a baseball game in the mountains.

Oye! I started to feel warm for the first time in a long time at a game. And yes, we were prepared for the snow and a blizzard....It never came....I guess we have begun to take the bad weather for granted. Although, this past week, the temperature went up to the high 80's. I was not going to break down and turn on the air conditioner until my concealer and make up melted in the bathroom. I knew that I was in trouble. The air conditioning went on even for a few hours.

On to the big kid....the team traveled to Michigan this weekend by bus (eww) and  Tink and I performed our usual pre-game the laptop....get out the speakers.....sit on the sofa and listen intently to the computer.....and we listened and was the bottom of the 8th inning and the score was tied...the starting pitcher was pulled and a new pitcher was placed on the mound. He proceeded to get the first two outs....then he walked the next two batters. With 1 minute to warm up and no pitching in 2 weeks, the coach called Buddy in to get the third out....sadly, with a count of 3-2, he walked the next batter and was yanked out of the game. The closer came in....the batter hit the ball to shortstop....easy out! Nope...throwing error....two runs score.....then three runs....then the inning was finally over. I turned off the game and stared at the computer knowing that this one really smarted.

When he called home after yesterday's game, I heard him say for the first time in his life: "I don't care if I am in. I want the season to end." Huh! What? Not my kid....not the kid who during a lightening storm would look up in the sky and shout: "Why Lord! Why are you letting it rain!?" Yeah...that kid....who saw a rain out as a personal failure...there he was on the phone from Michigan saying that all he wants is to do well in school. Huh? Again....huh?

That one did not go past me and I called him out on it. "That's a lie...."

"no, I want to get better grades...."

"Don't throw this kind of bull at me. I know you better and if you can get into a game and throw a ball passed a batter while he misses it, then you would trade an A+ on an English paper for an out in a big game....."

I got him on that one. 'Cause deep down inside, he hurts. He expected more from himself, the coaches, and the team. He now has to figure out what to do on his own, since the coach is unable or unwilling to help him.'s crazy....if the coach would give the kid time on the mound without the pressure of getting one guy out perhaps he can regain his former form. But the coach continues to place him in to these situations that he cannot overcome. His mind, his mechanics,  and his confidence have been at risk. This is not the way to coach my son. Yet, the coach is doing this to all of the pitchers and not just Buddy. After calling home, he mentioned that his elbow was sore. This injury occurs with poor mechanics. It's time for him to start over with Coach T. Although dad is going to send him to Texas for a prolonged series of tutoring to increase his speed. Hopefully, the Texas coaches will tinker with his mechanics.

By the way, my name has been mentioned a number of times as a person who will accompany the kid to the Lone Star state. I am not sure if I can make it since I will be in the classroom this summer. But I would love to go. I like Texas....the people...the food....the weather....the food...the food.....I can leave my hand warmers at home but bring my Weight Watchers 360 database. I can also try to score a job at Starbucks...come on...give me a chance! Please! I'll practice: "Would you like room for cream in your coffee?" I can even say it in Espanol....

"cafĂ© con azĂșcar y crema."

The game is on television today, so I can watch the  kid stand in the bullpen and spit seeds out of his mouth.....It will be nice to see him. I am sure that he will not be put into the game since the coaches seem to have given up on him. Oh well, there are 24 games to go until Texas...yeee haw!

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