Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Figuring it out on your own

Good morning! Tink has another job interview....fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed...go Tink go!
How are things in the world of pitching? Wellllll....the big kid spoke with his summer coach and shared that he would be in Texas for a month of season. When pressed as to the reason, he shared that he does not get any help on campus and has to help himself, therefore, he has the trip to the uber-coach planned. Then the summer coach said: "Gee, one of your team mates was on the team last year and he said the same thing...." Hmmm, it's not all in the big kid's mind, is it?

The next question  to ponder is...whether he did the right thing by signing on to this college and team. After all, the accoutrements are amazing.....the stadium, scoreboard, facilities, and so on are impressive. If I was a leftie, 6'4, and 18, it would have been a no-brainer...But did dad and I get caught up by the glitz and rather than asking the probing questions, we let the atmosphere and extras such as the big uniform and sunglasses contracts cloud our ability to see through inept coaching and poor behavior? I don't know. This was the big kid's decision, but I had the final approval and said


Is this something that we will regret in the long term? I recall another coach from a local college found out where the big kid was headed, he just rolled his eyes and said that a spot would always be on his roster when he was ready to transfer. I thought at the time that it was sour grapes, but now I think that there is some reputation around the country regarding the strength of the program. Why didn't my radar go up with that statement? I guess that I was sucked into the glamor of this university.  Yes, glamor.....think about it...the uniforms, locker room, assistants, free gloves, clothing, stadium, meal allotments, air travel, and so on.....I wanted this for my kid. Now, do I regret it? Perhaps.....Perhaps not.....

It's true that this has been an uphill battle for him, but he has been learning so many things that the professors are not teaching him. He is learning problem solving, stress management, self advocacy, conflict resolution, and perseverance. He has changed from the shy, introverted kid to a more self confident person. True, he is still an introvert, but that is part of his genetic make up. He has to work against it to stand on the mound in a big situation and throw the ball over a tiny plate. I think that this has helped to create an individual who has the tools to conquer anything.

In fact, he is the person who found out about the coach in Texas. He has made the contact, will set the appointment and will interview the coach to see what he can offer him. He goes against his personal inclinations to have a one on one conversation with a coach who does not like him, thinks that he is self-entitled and arrogant, and has  to convince the guy to do his job and help him. In a way, he had to grovel. Any person with an ego would despise this and walk away. But he went against type and "owned" his behavior and personality. Even with the conversations with the coach, the coach remains distant and childish (not child-like...childish).

So, what do you do when you have exhausted all of your options on campus? You either quit or keep going and find your own answer...and he has.....I am impressed and proud of the big guy. He has really grown, evolved, and morphed into an impressive young man who will make an amazing Attorney General....that's right....he has his goals.....remember to vote and vote often....

Time for work....caio!

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