Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cowardly Communication

Good morning! I just read about the Boston bombers' roomies helping them to discard evidence in a land fill. I cannot even get the kids to take the trash out. With that said, I hope that they can room together in the state penitentiary. No beer, wine, burgers, or parties. Just a cell with a sink, toilet and lumpy mattress. Enjoy, earned it.

On to more pressing matters....the big kid worked out with the coach yesterday who suggested that he changes his toss to a side arm as opposed to over his shoulder. Interesting comment....Needless to say, he is no more prepared to play than he was last week which leads me to believe that he will not be on the active roster this week.

What does this mean? Well, it means that he can dress but not play. Ok, am I peeved? Yeah, a's why...even with his currently funky toss, he has the lowest opposing batting average on the team. Yes, he has hit the most batters, but LW is one hit batter on the list lower than he is.

And so, what happens? Well, he draws inward and loses more confidence in his abilities. He has been discarded with two other pitchers and has no role for the rest of the season. No matter what he does, this will not change things in the coach's mind.
Am I upset? I guess so, but there is nothing I can do about it except listen to the angst on the other end of the phone. Nothing I say will make it better. Nothing I do will ease the disrespect. Nothing will alleviate the humiliation of this situation. Therefore, we make plans....
The plan of action revolves around Coach T. He wants the kid to send film to him and he will critique it and tell him what he is doing wrong. Also, Coach T took time out yesterday to call him, listen, and advise...a good guy....

Once Coach T calls with his advice, the kid can make adjustments. Sound good?

Next, he is going to Houston to meet with the uber-coach who has already admonished him for getting his name wrong in an email. The coach says that he has to pay close attention to details or he does not want to work with him. Whew, this summer is going to be lots of fun, eh?

The team has not played this week because of finals and they are back in action on Saturday. I am not sure whether we are headed to campus or not. I will wait until the roster is posted on Friday. Sadly, this is the way the coaches communicate...they post the list rather than talk to the guys. Is it cowardly? You decide...
Enjoy the day!

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