Friday, May 24, 2013

Diva Dog's Birthday!

Greetings from the lovely south....heard about the rain at home...oh well....Hey, today is Diva dog's birthday...that's right...she is 8 today. How do I know? Well, Tink was in my bedroom this morning at 5 am to tell me. Then I got an angry call at 8am from a tall left handed guy at home who shared that Tink called him to speak to the dog to wish her a happy birthday. OK, do you see why I am a bit...let's say....nuts?

Checking in with the leftie and his not-so-faithful companion Diva dog, he saw Hangover III last night anticipating some great fun and was not pleased that the sequel of the sequel was not as good as the first one. Anyone shocked? As far as I am concerned, I will wait until I see it scheduled for HBO so that I can turn it off....

Today he is hanging out with Lil A as her Buddy-sitter as her dad sees patients in his office. He is quite predictable with his babysitting....he stops to pick her up, drives to pick up .99 cent egg, cheese and bacon bagels, returns to her house, watches Toddlers and Tiaras with her, makes fun of the show, plays Wii, then it is time for a nap on the sofa by 10 am. Good thing, Lil A is turning 11 next month....otherwise I would worry. But she likes his hands on-hands off style of watching her. She feels more like a big kid when he's around. Around noon, it will be time for lunch at some local pizza place and on to our house to play with Diva. And that's it.....a babysitting model for a pre-teen and her cousin to embrace.

Not much else going on. Tink and I are headed out to ride bikes around town. I guess that a person could call this relaxing....Although, she has grabbed an advertising flyer from the paper and is making plans to shop with a 25% and 10% coupon off all clearance items....she's really growing up!


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