Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If you don't like it----Change it!

Good morning! An overcast day in the northeast and it's no big deal. All activities are indoor today and it's time for some spring showers.

The team is headed to Ohiooooo for a midweek game and the big guy is on da' bus. That's right. He's been activated and will more than likely pitch. Here's hoping that he can find the plate. Over the weekend, the guys partied with the opposing team from Minnesota at the house. How did this gathering initiate? Well, roomie Gopher is a friend of some of the kids so he brought them to the house. As they drank beer after beer after beer after beer....and then a few more...the players pulled out the scouting report for Buddy's team. The big leftie with a bigger ego queried the players as to his scouting report which read: "Has some good stuff, but if patient you will be rewarded with the ideal pitch....." Dang....dead on accurate, if you ask me!

Did you think that my son enjoyed this? Uh uh...nope...no way...he was highly insulted by the report that took several beers to pry out of the opposition. Then, he did what any other inebriated ball player would do the night before a big game....he called home at one am to share how he had been slammed. After several 'can you believe its", I told him that the report was accurate AND he had to put on his big boy pants and deal with it. Call me when I am awake...ok? Dad and I were both sound asleep and did not enjoy this conversation one bit.

Let's look at reality and not fantasy....the report is dead on.....that is why he walks so many players. They wait for the pitch...don't get it...run the count up....and are rewarded with a base on balls. Deal with it, big guy. You chose pitching. Frankly, if it was me, I would have selected a comfortable place in right field...but nooooo....you wanted to be the big man and this goes with the territory.

If you do not like the report, then change it. You have the athleticism, drive, and capability as well as parental support. Time to not only tinker with your mechanics but with your head. That's right....deal with the issues at hand....see life for what it is....move on....guess what? Life is not fair. Just ask the kids in India, Africa, and South America...what about Haiti? That poor country has one disaster after another. This is baseball...America's past time and you have the privilege of living a dream. Don't wreak it by creating a nonexistent nightmare. It's good...it's all good....now get on that bus for O-hi-oooo and throw a few strikes.
peace out!

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